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News 01 May 2020

6 Tips for Travel After Coronavirus

6 Tips for Travel After Coronavirus

We are all dreaming of the day that the coronavirus lockdown is finally lifted. It will be a glorious day when we can leave our homes, see our friends and family, and travel the world again.

It is no surprise that travel after the coronavirus will look different for the foreseeable future. The world has changed drastically and tourism has been heavily affected. But when you travel, it’s good to keep a positive attitude and don’t dwell on the negative aspects. Sure, things will be different, but your journey will help the local tourism sector rebuild and come back better than ever.

Fortunately, the pandemic will soon be behind us and we can return to exploring our wonderful world. Here are our 6 best tips for traveling post-coronavirus to help you stay safe and have an amazing adventure.


#1 Support Local Businesses

Local businesses are the most significantly affected by the coronavirus. Therefore, wherever you travel when the lockdown is lifted, invest in the local economy of your destination by visiting the local restaurants, shops, and tourism entities. Take a city tour with a local resident, enjoy a cooking class with a local chef, and purchase local crafts to bring home memorable souvenirs. Honor your hosts and be a respectful tourist.


#2 Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Avoid crowded cities and popular tourist destinations for the foreseeable future after the coronavirus. Instead, soak in the natural beauty of some of the world’s best national parks. After sitting in your house for weeks, it will feel amazing to stretch your legs on a long hike, enjoy panoramic views of the stunning landscape, and breathe in the fresh air.


#3 Travel with Caution

Of course, it will be imperative to travel with caution post-coronavirus. Travel to places that were less affected by Covid-19 and that are taking the recommended measures to prevent another spike in cases. Avoid public transportation as much as possible so that you come into contact with fewer people. Be diligent about continuing to prevent the spread of the virus by using hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes wherever you go.


#4 Be More Generous

The world has gone through a collective difficult experience. Smile, engage, and compliment the local people who are making your trip enjoyable. Tip a little extra and give back to the community you are visiting. Share pictures and videos to your social media and encourage others to visit your awesome travel destination. Give recommendations for the hotels, restaurants, and tours that you went on. These things all mean a lot to the local tourism sector.


#5 Make Reservations

Travel is going to very popular once the lockdown is lifted. People are going to be eager to return to normal and enjoy their lives again. Flights, hotels, airport parking, tours, and anything else you can think of will be at a premium. Make reservations to avoid waiting in long queues or missing a special tour that you really wanted to do.

You can make your reservations for airport parking right here with ParkFellows. Airport parking is going to be in greater demand as fewer people will be taking public transportation. Don't waste time circling the parking lot looking for a spot. You can already have your parking space pre-booked and waiting for you when you arrive.


#6 Roadtrip in an RV

If you would rather not worry about keeping a schedule or making reservations, then rent an RV and hit the open road for an unforgettable adventure with the family. RVs also allow you to maintain a sanitary environment while avoiding crowded airports and hotels. Explore new places, natural wonders, and national parks. Start a campfire at night, make s’mores with the family, and look up at the stars. After weeks of anxiety and stress, it will be amazing to completely relax at your leisure.  


At the moment, only essential travel is allowed for essential personnel. Please follow all the travel guidelines if you must travel for essential reasons. 

If you are eager to travel again, then check out these incredible ways to travel from home. These virtual tours, virtual reality experiences, and live streams will transport you around the world to fascinating natural wonders, national parks, and world-class museums. Enjoy the beauty of our world from the comfort of your living room.

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