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Wally Park Milwaukee (Valet)

Wally Park MKE (Valet) is the perfect option for MKE Airport parking, especially in the winter. Professional valets park your car for you so you immediately jump onto the shuttle. When you return, your vehicle will be free of ice and snow, all toasty warm. 

Shuttles depart every 5 minutes and it only takes 5 minutes to arrive at the MKE terminals. The parking area is secured by security cameras, 24-hour attendants, a locked fence, and a front gate. WallyPark Milwaukee (Valet) is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience. 

  • Located 5 minutes from General Mitchell Airport
  • First-class Valet service
  • Secure and convenient parking
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Address of the parking 4747 South Howell Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US 53207
Traveltime shuttle: 5min
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Park and Ride
How does park and ride work?

You will drive your car directly to the reserved parking lot, usually located a few miles from the airport. A complimentary shuttle will drop-off and pick-up directly curbside at your terminal. Some parking operators will have an on-demand shuttle and others will have a shuttle that runs at regular intervals. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.

Most affordable airport parking option Dropped up and picked up directly curbside at the terminal Luggage assistance available
1 Park You will either self-park or valet your car at your reserved parking lot.
2 Departure Shuttle Complimentary shuttle brings you directly curbside to your terminal.
3 Arrival Shuttle Meet at the confirmed location outside of the terminal for pick-up.
4 Return Home Drive home as soon as you get to the parking lot.
With WallyPark Milwaukee (Valet) you are protected by:
Ja 24 hour surveillance
The parking facility is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, your car is always secured.
Ja Vehicle inspection
The parking checks your car for damage and notes how many miles you have driven
Ja CamerasJa FenceJa Barrier
Nee No Max. Clearance HeightJa Asphalt or pavingNee Illuminated terrainNee Electric chargingNee Waiting roomNee Toilet
Ja Open 24 hours
Not all parking facilities are open 24 hours a day. Providers do always take the first and last flights into account, including delays.
Nee Keep car keys
Most self-parking options allow you to park and keep your car keys with you. If a parking facility requires your car keys, then the keys will be locked in a vault and no unnecessary driving will be done. The only driving that will be done is to keep the terrain manageable.
Nee Starting aidNee Covered parkingJa Luggage assistanceNee Car wash
What customers say about WallyPark Milwaukee (Valet)
WallyPark Milwaukee (Valet) has an avarage rating of 10
Eileen - 22-01-2020 "We got to and from the airport with no problems. The shuttles were fast and we never really had to wait"
Sean - 05-12-2019 "Wally Park exceeded my expectations for service, cost, proximity to airport and customer service. Made traveling as a single senior feel much more secure and safe."
Paula - 02-12-2019 "We travel from Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee frequently and choose Wally park almost exclusively. The staff is very polite friendly and Christie one of their drivers is one of the best. Seems that she is driving almost every other time we use Wallypark and she even remembers our license plate and where we park! That's amazing, I don't know how she does it a great place to do business with. "
Mary - 22-08-2019 "We arrived at 4am and returned at midnight. Both times the shuttles were right there and the drivers were really friendly. I love not worrying about where to park. It made traveling much less stressful."
Judy - 20-08-2019 "Loved the service we received here! We never had to wait for a shuttle! As soon as we checked-in, there was a shuttle waiting for us. When we returned from our vacation, there was a shuttle already waiting outside at the terminal! It really could not have been easier."
Alaina - 20-08-2019 "Traveling as a solo female, I was nervous about parking late at night. But I was so thankful that I never had to wait for their shuttles! The drivers were friendly and efficient. I would recommend them!"

Why choose Wally Park Milwaukee Airport (Valet)?

WallyPark Milwaukee Airport (Valet) is one of the top-rated facilities close to Milwaukee Airport. The security of your vehicle is always their number one priority. The convenient location of the parking lot makes transportation to and from the airport a quick drive. The valet service will minimize the time you have to spend at the facility, so you can be at your terminal without further delay.

  • Opening times: 24/7/365
  • Five-minute shuttle ride to and from the airport
  • 24-hour surveillance, camera, fence, and barrier-entry
  • First-class valet service is a comfortable parking experience in the winter


How does it work?

On the day of your arrival at the parking lot, remember to bring your booking confirmation with you. The parking provider asks that you have it in a printed form, but having it on your mobile can also be useful. Pull up to the cashier booth for the attendant to pull a ticket for you and then provide general instructions on where to park for the valet attendant. The attendant will store the car keys in a safe place and keep them there until you return from your trip. Next up, the shuttle driver will pick you up under the valet canopy, provide you with luggage assistance, and a card for instructions to follow for pick up upon return at the airport. Approximately 5 minutes after boarding the shuttle, you’ll be at your terminal.

On the day of your return, remember to call the number on the back of the boarding card. Τhe shuttles pick up at Baggage Claim, Door #5 at the main terminal, and at the curb in front of the international terminal. Your car will be ready for you at the front of the MKE Wally Park (Valet) parking lot to quickly check-out and get on the road.


Additional services

Wally Park MKE (Valet) offers oil change for an additional charge. If you are interested in using this service, ask for its availability either by giving them a call beforehand or when you arrive in the facility. They also offer help for minor problems, such as jump-starting a car with a dead battery or brushing the snow off your car, completely free of charge.


Good to know!

We advise our customers to check the information below before finalizing their reservation.

  • Height restriction of 14'-0''
  • This location has both self-park and valet parking options. Pass the entrance gate, follow signs towards the valet service area.
  • Print and take your reservation with you on your day of travel


Driving Directions

From Milwaukee and the North:

Take 43 South to Layton Ave East. Take Layton Ave to Howell Ave, turn Right. Stay in Right lane. WallyPark Main Entrance on right immediately south of Layton.

From Racine and Points South:

Take 94 North to Mitchell Airport off-ramp. Stay right on Airport Spur to 38 North(Howell Ave). Take Howell Ave North. WallyPark will be on your left, approximately 1 mile north. 

From Madison and the West: 

Take 94 East to the Mitchell Airport off-ramp. Stay right on Airport Spur to 38 North(Howell Ave). Take Howell Ave North. WallyPark will be on your left, approximately 1 mile north.


Disabled Parking Information

Valet services at WallyPark MKE are accessible for customers with disabilities and the shuttles are wheelchair accessible. 


WallyPark MKE (Valet) Reviews

WallyPark Milwaukee (Valet) strives to provide the best customer service to travelers who fly from Milwaukee Airport. On our website, WallyPark Milwaukee Airport (Valet) has been rated with a perfect 10 by all customers. Most reviews speak highly of their prompt shuttle service, the proximity to the airport, and the employees’ professionalism and kindness.

We would like to hear from you if you agree with these reviews or if you have any other remarks for the services provided at this facility. Book online today and see why everyone loves to park with MKE WallyPark (Valet).

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