3 Ways to Travel from Home


As the world is dealing with the coronavirus, it has left many of us inside our homes dreaming of the day that we will get to travel again. Thankfully, many top tourist destinations have pulled together and created incredible virtual travel experiences that you can experience right from your living room. You also will save quite a bit of money!

Enjoy these unique virtual tours, virtual reality experiences, and live streams of your favorite destinations around the world.


Hallway down the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours will take you all around the world to fascinating destinations and world-class museums. Many of these virtual tours have been expertly implemented to simulate walking along the hallways of the museum, exploring awe-inspiring national parks, and discovering breathtaking historical sites. If you have ever dreamed of walking inside Buckingham Palace or The White House, well now it’s possible! Travel the world and enjoy renowned museums like The Louvre in Paris, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and The Uffizi Galleries in Florence. Discover Petra of Jordan or Machu Picchu without breaking a sweat. Appreciate America’s natural beauty by going on a guided tour with a park ranger in the USA National Parks.


Vibrant coral reef with yellow fish in Indonesia

Virtual Reality

YouTube is full of amazing virtual reality films that will take you up-close and personal with wild animals, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage sites. You can use a professional virtual reality headset or even make your own cardboard version (check out how to make one here) to feel like you are truly there. You can also watch these 360-degree videos on your laptop and click around in the video to get different perspectives. National Geographic has stunning VR videos so you can swim through Indonesia’s Coral Reefs, discover Iceland’s Glaciers, explore inside Chichén Itzá, and watch baby sloths in Costa Rica.


Cascading waterfall down a mountain in the Yosemite National Park

Live Streams

Visit your favorite national parks by tuning into their live stream broadcasts! The live webcams give you a peek inside the national park with no other visitors around. You can watch Old Faithful at the Yellowstone National Park, enjoy the peaceful cascading Yosemite Falls at Yosemite National Park, watch colorful marine life on the Channel Islands underwater webcam, and catch Giant Pandas playing at China’s Wolong Valley Nature Reserve.


Happy Virtual Traveling!

We are thankful that technology has made it possible to continue to travel the world from the comfort of our home. These virtual travel experiences transport us to fascinating and remote places in the world until we are able to physically visit these destinations again. When you start planning your first travel experience after the lockdown is lifted, be sure to check travel tips related to the coronavirus.

If you must travel for essential reasons, remember to follow the recommended travel advice from the CDC during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stay home and stay safe!

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