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Frequently asked questions

I haven't received a confirmation, what now? Don't panic! Get in touch with us and our customerservice will send you a new one. Small tip: check your spambox first!
I'd like to change something on my booking. We'd love to help. You can contact us or send us an e-mail at info@parkhero.co.uk. This won't cost you a thing by the way.
I'd like to cancel my booking. If you have to cancel your booking, please get in touch with us. We will refund the money, but please be aware that this will cost € 6,- in administrationcosts. If you want to cancel within the last 24 hours then we sadly cannot refund the booking. You can use your travel insurance to refund this though.
What parkingtypes are there? We mainly seperate two parkingtypes, namely: Shuttle- and Valet parking. Click here to view more information.
What if I'm delayed and arrive a little bit later at the parking? No problem, shuttle buses use flexible schedules so you should still get to the airport in time.
Can I keep my keys? Not all providers offer this possibility. You can filter out the parkings that do not offer this on our comparison pages. It is also possible that keeping your keys will include a fee, but this will always be shown when you are booking.
Is parking trustworthy? Through Park Hero always! We only work with reliable providers who have a lot of experience. We also do regular inspections of the parkingprovider to insure the quality is maintained. Our reliability is also enhanced by the amount of positive reviews we have gotten.
What happens to my car keys if I can't keep them? Your car keys will be safely stored in a vault. With this you will also prevent losing your carkeys while you travel.
Will my car be driven? You car will never be driven unnecessarily. It will only be driven to ready your car when you get back for a smooth transition.
With the Valet Service your car will obviously be driven from and to the parking and terminal.

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