FAQ - Frequently asked questions

To get a quick answer, we have created an overview of the most asked questions.
How many parking types do you have?

We have three parking types: Park and Ride, Valet Services, and Park and Walk. Visit our Parking Types page for more information about each service.

What if I arrive late to the parking facility?

You should let us know that you will be late before arrival so we can change it on our system. Please note that we cannot make any changes within 48 hours of your stated arrival time. In this case, you need to contact your parking provider directly to notify them.

Do I have to leave my car keys with the parking provider?

Some parking providers require you to leave your car keys while others do not. You can easily filter on this preference in the filter function. The provider uses your car keys to make parking manageable. They will not drive your car unnecessarily.

Can I use a different car?

Yes! You just let us know the license plate so we can change it on your reservation.

When should I arrive at the parking facility?

It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport. You will need to check-in, load your luggage, and take the shuttle to the airport. It is best to leave plenty of time for all of this so you will not be stressed.

Do shuttle buses have times of operation?

It depends on the parking provider. Some shuttles run in 5-minute intervals, while others may run in 15-minute intervals. Some shuttles may run on-demand so you will never have to wait.

What is the shuttle parking process?

Bring your email confirmation with you on the day of travel. Drive directly to the address of the parking lot listed in your email confirmation. An airport transfer shuttle will drop you off directly at the airport. When you return, proceed to the prearranged meeting point to find the shuttle. 

What is the Valet Service process?

You drive to the airport and pull up to the valet area. It is usually curbside at the terminal, but sometimes it is located in a parking garage. After checking and noting the condition of your car, you will hand them your car keys and they will valet your car. Make sure that you call 30 minutes before arrival so that the driver is waiting for you. When you land after your return flight, call the provider so that the driver can bring your car to the location that you agreed. You can then drive home.

What are the opening hours of the parking providers?

Most parking facilities are open for business around the clock, 24 hours a day. If not, it will be indicated in the provider’s icon on our website. Parking facilities that are not 24/7 usually consider the airport’s earliest and latest flight, including delay.

What is the capacity of the parking facility?

Each parking facility has its own capacity and this information is posted on its specific information page. To confirm, please email us at info@parkfellows.com

What if my flight is delayed?

This is no cause for worry as we are aware that flights can be delayed sometimes. Shuttle services have flexible schedules so they can always accommodate you. But you should always contact the parking provider as soon as your flight is re-scheduled to notify them. 

What is the carrying capacity of the shuttle bus?

Each parking provider has unique shuttle buses, so you will need to check the information on their page to confirm the carrying capacity. If you would like further clarification, please email us at info@parkfellows.com

Are the shuttles wheelchair accessible?

This depends on the individual parking facility. Some shuttles are wheelchair accessible, while others require the wheelchair to be collapsible. Check the information page for the parking facility or contact our customer service team directly.

Does the parking facility have disabled parking spaces?

Not all parking facilities have disabled parking spaces. You will need to check the information on the page of the service provider to confirm. If you need further assistance, please email us at info@parkfellows.com.

I have reserved valet parking. Where should I hand over my vehicle?

The driver will arrange a meeting point with you. It is usually near the departure hall. Remember to call the parking provider 30 minutes before your arrival so that they can meet you there. Their phone number will be provided on your booking confirmation email.

How will I recognize my valet driver?

They will be wearing company branded clothing. You have to provide information such as color, brand, and license plate of your car so that they can quickly recognize you, too.

How can I locate the parking facility?

The address is provided on the confirmation email.

How can I make an online reservation?

Very easily! Choose the airport you will be departing from and fill in your departure and arrival times and dates. A list of all available parking facilities will be displayed for you to compare. After choosing the best one, make a reservation and all relevant information will be sent to your email within a couple of minutes.

What if I didn’t receive the confirmation email?

Don’t worry! Simply send an e-mail to us and our friendly, professional customer service staff will assist you. Make sure to check your spam folder before contacting us!

Can I make adjustments to my reservation?

Yes! You may make adjustments up until 48 hours before your stated arrival time. Simply send us an email with your request and remember to include your booking number.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellations regarding the coronavirus, see: https://www.parkfellows.com/covid-19

If you have purchased cancellation insurance, you may cancel your reservation up until the start time of your booking for no additional charge.  If you have not purchased cancellation insurance, then cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start time of the reservation and will incur a 15% handling fee. Cancellation insurance can only be purchased at check-out. Cancellations can only be processed by ParkFellows. Please do not reach out to the parking provider to cancel your booking. 

To cancel your booking, send an email with your reservation number and your request during our service hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Which times should I insert when making my booking?

Park and Rie Service

On the departure date section, enter the time you would like to arrive at the parking facility.

On the arrival date section, enter the time you would like to be picked up by the shuttle at the terminal.

Valet Service

On the departure date section, enter the time you would like to arrive at the nearest airport terminal.

On the arrival dates section, enter the time you would like to receive your car again to drive home.

Can I make a reservation before I know all the details of my flight?

Yes, of course! You can make the reservation and request adjustments on your reservation up to 48 hours before it begins.

Can I make a booking for more than one car?

If you want to make a booking for more than one car, you must make a separate reservation for each car.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes, because this is the only way to be assured of a parking spot. Advance booking is also cheaper than late parking and guarantees the best parking spot for the best price.

How many hours in advance can I book?

You can book when parking facilities show as available on our site. Typically you can book up until 24 hours before departure for Valet services, and until 1 hour before departure for Park and Ride (shuttle) services.

Do you support motorbike parking?

Most parking facilities will allow you to park your motorbike. You should let the parking facility know via the ‘comment field’ in the reservation form that you will be parking a motorbike.

What if I have a complaint?

We apologize for any negative experiences that you may encounter at the parking facility. We encourage you to report your complaint directly to the parking company and record video or take pictures if necessary. Submit your complaints directly to us by mail for our official records. If your car was damaged you are required to directly file a complaint with the parking facility.

Is it possible to receive a refund?

Please see our updated COVID-19 cancellation and refund policy, for more information. 

After cancellation of your reservation, we will refund the outstanding amount to you as a voucher. With this voucher, you can make a new reservation at a later date by entering your original reservation number. You will receive the value of your original booking amount (minus transaction and cancellation insurance costs, if applicable) as a discount on your new booking. You can redeem your voucher up until 12-31-2020. If the voucher has not yet been redeemed by this date, we will automatically refund the outstanding amount to you. 

Please also note that partial refunds (i.e. refunding part, but not all, of your booking) are not possible.

Cancellations can only be processed by ParkFellows. Please do not reach out to the parking operator to cancel your booking. 

Do you charge any booking fees?

We never add any additional booking or administration fees to the prices charged by the parking provider!

What is cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance is offered at check-out for a small fee (9% of your booking total). Under our usual cancellation policy, all cancellation requests incur a 15% handling fee and cancellation requests cannot be processed within 48 hours of your stated arrival time. However, if you opt to purchase cancellation insurance, then you may cancel your reservation at any time with no additional fees (until your arrival at the parking provider).

Is the parking facility reliable?

We always guarantee reliability! We only work with experienced and reliable partners with high ratings and good customer reviews.

Why can’t I keep my car keys?

Some parking providers require you to leave your car keys with them for the duration of your trip. The provider will not use the keys to drive your car unnecessarily. They will only use them to keep the parking lot running smoothly. For instance, they may need to move your car to another space to make room for more cars.

Will the parking provider drive my car?

The parking facility only drives your car when necessary. They only drive it when they need to keep the facility controlled and running smoothly, and when they need to drive your car back to you at the airport for you to drive home.

Where will the parking provider park my car?

Your car will be parked securely, as shown on the pictures on our website.

What if my car is damaged at the parking facility?

If your car is damaged at the parking facility, make sure to notify the parking provider directly, as this is what most car insurance policies require. It is recommended that you take pictures or videos of the condition of your car. If you have opted for valet parking, make sure to thoroughly inspect your car both before and after you travel.

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