San Jose Airport Parking

The San Jose Airport has been operating in some capacity since 1948 when they had a single airline passing through on a regular basis. Since this time the airport has gotten much bigger and busier, to the tune of 14.3 million passengers last year. That is a lot of people to put on planes, which also means it is a lot of SJC parking to figure out. Parking is a huge concern at most major airports throughout the country, and San Jose is no different than the others.

Roughly three miles northwest of the downtown core, San Jose International Airport is the second busiest commercial airport in the Bay Area. It is also one of the airports certified international port of entry for Customs and Border Patrol. It is no wonder SJC Airport parking can be difficult to figure out. If you want an easier and simpler experience for parking at the airport, ParkFellows is going to be here to help. We make your airport parking experience quick and affordable to get you on your way.


Types of Parking at San Jose International Airport

As with most airports around the world, there are going to be different types of parking available depending on what types of services you need and how long you will be parking for. There are options for San Jose Airport long term parking, as well as short term parking for those who need it. Regardless of what parking type you choose, ParkFellows will make sure you get the best rates possible.


Park and Ride

If you are planning on leaving a vehicle at the airport for more than a few hours there are four different options for SJC long term parking. Which option you choose is going to depend on precisely what you want from your parking experience. One thing you can rely on is the safety and security of your vehicle, and a free shuttle service to get you to your desired terminal.


Park and Walk

Park and Walk options are convenient for parking near San Jose Airport because you do not need to wait for a shuttle. The following parking options are on-site at the airport and within walking distance of the terminals. These options are best for short term parking as the rates are much more expensive than the Park and Ride facilities.

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