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Honolulu Airport Parking

As one of the busiest and fastest-growing airports in the entire country, Honolulu International Airport just keeps getting busier every year. As of 2012, they were boasting more than 20 million passengers annually, and the numbers keep growing. With that amount of people coming and going every year you better believe that airport parking in Honolulu is a very competitive industry. At 300 Rodgers Blvd in Honolulu, HNL airport is destined to keep getting busier with a plan to do over a billion dollars in upgrades over the next decade.

The airport has been opened, under various names, since the 1940s, and has undergone quite a few transformations over the years. What hasn’t changed much is the need for fair Honolulu International Airport parking, and you have six different choices at the current moment. While six options may not seem like a large number for such a busy airport, these options will be competitive and have enough spots for anyone who needs one. ParkFellows will make sure you always get the spot you need at a price that is right.

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Providers at Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL)

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Parking types at Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL)

Park and Ride Park and Ride You will drive your car directly to the reserved parking lot, usually located a few miles from the airport. A complimentary shuttle will drop-off and pick-up directly curbside at your terminal. Some parking operators will have an on-demand shuttle and others will have a shuttle that runs at regular intervals. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.
Park and Walk Park and Walk These parking garages or parking lots are located very close to the terminal so there is no shuttle needed. You simply park your car and walk to the terminal with your luggage.

Types of Parking at Honolulu Airport

You are going to get options for both on-site and off-site parking when you use ParkFellows for your HNL parking needs. With six different parking lots, you should never have trouble finding space through ParkFellows that is reasonably priced and convenient. Price and type of parking are all going to depend on how long you are gone and what kind of money you are looking to spend on parking.

Park and Ride

The park and ride option is great for those travelers looking for HNL airport parking at the best rates, or those who need longer terms for their parking. You have four different lots to choose from for a Park and Ride option, all are going to offer various services and rates. They will all offer a shuttle service to make sure you get to your destination quickly and easily.

  • Four different long-term parking options with various pricing and levels of service. You will always have a highly-secured facility with helpful employees who are there to help you and keep your vehicle safe. The shuttle services will get you to your terminal with no hassle.
  • Rates are going to vary, but if you are looking for the most economical place to park longterm the Economy Parking is going to be your best option. The rates are going to be slightly lower and the lot is still very convenient to access.
  • Honolulu Airport long term parking is a very competitive business, so go with ParkFellows for your best options and rates.

Park and Walk

There are a lot of people that do not have a need for HNL long term parking, as they are either picking people up, dropping off, or they plan on returning within the same day. Whatever the reason, there is a park and walk option for you that will be convenient and affordable.

  • There are three different lots to use when you only need short-term parking at Honolulu International Airport, and they are both within a few minutes walk to the airport itself.
  • You can use the Cell Phone Lot for the quickest way to park at the airport. This lot is perfect for those who are picking up travelers or quickly dropping people off to catch a flight.
  • If you need a little more time at the airport there are two other lots to consider with Daily Parking along with the Economy Lot. You are never going to find yourself without a parking option, especially when you decide to go with ParkFellows for your HNL parking needs.
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