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Informative 14 July 2020

Honolulu Airport Parking Rates

Honolulu Airport Parking Rates

Are you traveling from Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) and looking for affordable Honolulu Airport parking? Honolulu Airport has three parking facilities for overnight parking with rates ranging from $1 per 30 minutes, $18.00 per day, and $126 per week. Most parking spaces are covered and are located just a few steps from their respective terminals. 

Before heading to the airport, you should be aware that you cannot pre-book a parking space online in one of the official garages. You can call the airport directly, ideally an hour before your arrival, to inquire about the current availability. That way, you know what to expect and you can plan your arrival time accordingly.

As seen in the table below, the HNL parking rates are the same for all three parking facilities:

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Covered?
International Parking Garage $18.00 $126.00
Terminal 1 Parking Garage $18.00 $126.00
Terminal 2 Parking Garage $18.00 $126.00


For Long Term Parking

The maximum stay at the HNL parking garages is restricted to 30 days. If you need monthly parking, then call the American Business Maintenance (ABM) at (808) 861-1260 for more information. One month of parking costs $300, which amounts to $10 per day. Monthly parking is located on the fourth floor of Terminal 1 (InterIsland) Parking Garage.

For Short Term Parking

All three parking facilities at Daniel K Inouye Airport have hourly parking rates in case you need to park for less than a day. Short term parking makes it easy to pick up or drop off travelers at the airport. 

The first 15 minutes of parking is free at Honolulu Airport. After this grace period, the following HNL Airport parking rates apply:

Duration Price
16 - 30 Minutes $1.00
30 - 60 Minutes $3.00
1 - 2 Hours $5.00
2 - 3 Hours $7.00
3 - 4 Hours $9.00
4 - 5 Hours $14.00
5 - 6 Hours $18.00
Maximum Daily Rate $18.00


Rates for the Honolulu Airport Parking Options

When you enter one of the three parking facilities, take a ticket issued from the automatic ticket dispenser. It is advised that you keep this ticket in a safe place and note down details such as lot, level, and parking location so that it’s easier for you to find your car upon return. When the day of your final departure comes, give the ticket to the cashier and pay for the service. The parking garages accept cash and all major credit cards. It is not possible to pay by check. 

Motorcycle parking is available at all parking facilities. The rate is $1.00 for two hours and $5.00 per day.


International Parking Garage (up to $18/day)

This eight-level parking garage is situated right across the International Arrivals Building. There are two available access points, one from the ground level of the Airport Access Road and one on the top level of Terminal 1. The road signs from H-1 Freeway eastbound/westbound and Nimitz Highway will directly guide you to the International Parking Garage.

On levels 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8, electric cars can be charged in the designated poles for $7.00 per day. Each charging pole accounts for two electric vehicles. Signs will show you where to find this service. Handicapped parking spaces are located on the ground floor.

  • Open 24/7, all year long
  • 1800 parking spaces
  • Height clearance: 8'0"


Terminal 1 Parking Garage (up to $18/day)

This parking garage is directly adjacent to Terminal 1 (also named Interisland Terminal) and is open 24/7. The entrance to the seven-level building is possible from the ground floor or the second floor of the Airport Access Road. It is also conjoined to the International Parking Garage via a bridge on the top floor. On the 4th level of this lot, you can park your car for up to 30 days for $300. When you exit the facility, there is direct access to H-1 Freeway eastbound/westbound and Nimitz Highway. 

  • Open 24/7, all year long
  • 1780 parking spaces
  • Height clearance: 7'0"


Terminal 2 Parking Garage (up to $18/day)

Conveniently located next to Terminal 2, previously known as the Overseas Terminal, this 5-stories covered parking garage has the smallest capacity among the three. You can quickly spot the garage as it is right across the Administration Tower. Visitors enter the building from the second level of the Airport Access Road. Handicapped parking is available on every level. On the fourth floor, several walkways connect the garage with Terminal 2. 

  • Open 24/7, all year long
  • 1570 parking spaces
  • Height clearance: 6'2"


Honolulu Airport Cell Phone Lots

There are two cell-phone lots at HNL Airport that provide free parking - Diamond Head Cell Phone Lot and Ewa Cell Phone Lot. These first-come, first-served waiting areas are designated only for picking-up passengers. It is not permitted to stay longer than 60 minutes. If you leave your vehicle unattended, it will be towed.

Once your passengers have collected their baggage and they are ready to be picked up, they should give you a call so that you can swing around to the front of the airport to pick them up.


Diamond Head Cell Phone Area

On Aolele Street, the Diamond Head Cell Phone Area is conveniently located close to all three airport terminals. Considering the number of passengers that move through the airport, this waiting point can get crowded very quickly. 


Ewa Cell Phone Waiting Area

At the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Aolele Street, there is a smaller parking area, Ewa Cell Phone Waiting Area. It is approximately 5 - 10 minutes walk from Terminals 1 and 2. The capacity is rather limited, and during busy periods, such as holiday weekends, it is almost impossible to find a space. 


Honolulu Airport Parking Map

Your airline's terminal is an important factor to consider when choosing where to park. While Daniel K Inouye Airport parking rates are the same at all parking locations, there is a difference in terms of distance from Terminals 1, 2, and 3. See the map below to find the closest parking option to your terminal:

HNL Airport parking map


* Prices are subject to change. Prices were last updated in July 2020.

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