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Informative 04 Sept 2020

BWI Parking Rates

BWI Parking Rates

Baltimore Airport is a busy and fast-growing international airport, with over 27 million passengers every year. If you plan to drive to the Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI), then it’s important to check the BWI parking rates to find an option that fits within your budget. Depending on how long you plan to travel, it might be beneficial to choose a premium covered parking facility or an economical long term parking lot. 

BWI parking prices start at $4 per hour and range up to $30 per day. Budget-minded travelers will be pleased to know that there are plenty of affordable parking options near the airport. This handy guide compares the rates for long term parking and hourly parking at Baltimore Washington Airport to help you find the perfect place to leave your car. Read on to find out the BWI Airport parking rates and how to make an online booking.

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Covered? Distance
Valet Parking $30.00 $210.00 0 Minutes (walk)
Hourly Garage $22.00 $154.00 5 Minutes (walk)
Daily Garage $12.00 $84.00 3 Minutes (shuttle)
Express Parking Lot $10.00 $70.00 - 5 Minutes (shuttle)
Long Term Parking Lots $8.00 $56.00 - 6 Minutes (shuttle)


Long Term Parking Lots ($8 per day)

BWI Long Term Parking Lot A and B charge $8 per day or $56 per week. The price includes a courtesy shuttle to transport passengers directly to the airport. The shuttles operate every 8-10 minutes for your convenience (except between 1:00-5:00am, the shuttles operate every 25 minutes). The shuttle journey time is approximately 6 minutes. There are covered bus stops located throughout the parking lot where the shuttle will pick-up and drop-off passengers. The BWI Long Term Parking Lots are perfect for travelers seeking BWI long term parking.

Update: The Long Term Lots are temporarily closed due to Covid-19 safety measures.


Express Parking Lot ($10 per day)

The Express Parking Lot at BWI Airport charges $10 per day or $70 per week. It is an uncovered parking lot located about 5 minutes from the airport by shuttle. For your convenience, the shuttles circle the parking lot to pick you up directly at your car. When you arrive, leave your trunk open so the shuttle driver can easily see you. Shuttle drivers are always happy to provide luggage assistance. 

Update: The Express Parking Lot is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 safety measures.


Daily Garage ($12 per day)

The BWI Daily Garage costs $12 per day or $84 per week. The covered parking garage keeps your vehicle protected from the elements.  Frequent shuttle service is provided at the Daily Garage to transport passengers to the airport terminals. The Smart Park technology in the garage uses colored lights to guide you to an available parking space. 

Update: The BWI Daily Parking Garage rate is currently reduced to $8 per day.


Hourly Garage ($22 per day)

If you are driving to Baltimore Airport to pick-up or drop-off passengers, then you can park at the Hourly Parking Garage for $4 per hour. Overnight parking at the Hourly Garage is permitted and costs $22 per day or $154 per week. It is one of the most expensive options, but it is within easy walking distance to the airport. The covered parking garage is located across from the airport and has a climate-controlled sky bridge from the parking garage to the terminal building. The garage is equipped with Smart Park technology, which uses colored lights to quickly guide you to an open space. 

Update: The BWI Hourly Parking Garage rate is currently reduced to $12 per day.

BWI Hourly Parking Garage Rates
1 Hour $4.00
2 Hours $8.00
3 Hours $12.00
4 Hours $16.00
5 Hours $20.00
Daily Maximum $22.00


Valet Parking ($30 per day)

BWI valet parking costs $8 per hour, $30 per day, and $210 per week. This luxury parking option offers the ultimate convenient parking experience. The price includes window cleaning and interior vacuuming, which makes it a nice deal. Drive to the fifth floor of the hourly parking garage and drop your car with the valet professionals, then walk directly into the airport while the valet staff parks your car for you. Your car will be parking in covered parking the entire time. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Update: Valet parking is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 safety measures.

BWI Valet Parking Rates
1 Hour $8.00
2 Hours $16.00
3 Hours $24.00
Daily Maximum $30.00


Find the Best Baltimore Airport Parking Rates

By reserving an off-site Baltimore Airport parking space online, you guarantee an available parking space when you arrive and you can take advantage of exclusive online deals. The online check-out system is quick and easy to use. Just insert your travel dates in the search engine bar above to get started. ParkFellows offers excellent off-site parking rates compared to the on-airport lots. For your convenience, our compare and book services include:

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Prices are subject to change. This article was updated in September 2020. Please note that it is not possible to book at any of the official Baltimore Airport parking lots through ParkFellows at this moment.

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