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Informative 17 July 2020

Charlotte Airport Parking Rates

Charlotte Airport Parking Rates

Charlotte Airport has over 29,000 parking spaces that cater to the 46 million passengers who travel through the airport every year. There are seven on-site car parks, with covered and uncovered spaces.  CLT Parking Rates range from $7 to $35 per day, depending on proximity, covered spaces, and services. All parking facilities at CLT are open 24/7 all year long, and the security crew monitors the areas regularly.

While approaching the airport, the parking status update signs will help you find the closest facility with vacant spaces. This guide is designed to help you compare all the available on-site lots to help you decide on the best Charlotte Airport parking option for you.

Parking Facility Price Per Day Covered? Opening Hours Distance
Cell Phone Lot Free - 24/7 4 Minutes
Long Term Lot 1 & 2 $7.00 - 24/7 7 Minutes
Daily Parking Deck $10.00 24/7 8 Minutes
Business Valet Deck $14.00 24/7 5 Minutes
Hourly Parking Deck $20.00 24/7 6 Minutes
Curbside Valet $35.00 5am - 11pm 0 Minutes

As it is depicted in the table above, the cost of parking at Charlotte Airport varies from facility to facility. For instance, if you prefer premium treatment, then the prices increase accordingly. Before booking your parking spot, you might want to read below to understand the details of all the available parking options.


Cell Phone Lot (free)

The 150-space lot is free of charge, but it’s only used when picking up passengers. Drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles unattended. They will have to remain in the lot until they are ready to pick up their passengers. Although there is not a time restriction, most people do not stay in the facility for more than an hour. Due to the limited capacity of the Cell Phone Lot, most parking spaces are always occupied. Therefore, it might be necessary to park in one of the paid parking lots.


Long Term Lot 1 and 2 ($7 per day)

CLT Airport Parking Rates for the long term lots are $7 per day and $49 per week. They are located on either side of Long-term lots 1 and 2 are located opposite of each other on Josh Birmingham Parkway. It's a 15 minute walk to the airport from the long term lots, but the airport provides shuttle transportation to the terminals.

The parking area is uncovered and does not have a height restriction. There are numerous spots for disabled parking and all shuttles are wheelchair accessible. It is not possible to reserve a parking spot, but you can call the parking facility a few hours before your arrival to check availability. 


Daily Decks ($10 per day)

Charlotte Airport Parking Prices for the daily decks are $10 per day or $70 per week. There is a shelter between the two Daily Decks where customers can catch a shuttle to the airport. Shuttles run regularly from and to the airport terminals. Disability parking spaces are available in this facility. You can park your vehicle here for 24 hours or longer. Parking/Daily/Hourly signs will guide you to the parking garage and follow signs for Daily parking. The Daily Decks are situated on Josh Birmingham Parkway to the left side as you reach the terminal. 


Business Valet Deck ($14 per day)

Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking rates for the business valet deck are $14 per day or $98 per week. This parking structure is located 5 minutes from the airport and it is a suitable option for those who do not want to be caught up in the hassle of searching for available parking in one of the long term lots. Customers leave their keys to a valet, who will park the vehicle in the covered deck. Assistance with luggage is provided and a shuttle will drive you to the terminal. You can also request a car wash while you are away.


Hourly Deck ($20 max/day)

The Hourly Parking Deck is located opposite the Daily Deck, on levels 4-6 of the parking garage. The first hour is free of charge, but after that, every additional 30 minutes is charged for $1, up to a daily maximum of $20 per day. This is a first-come, first-served garage, so it is not possible to reserve a parking space in advance. There are parking spaces for electric vehicles and handicapped parking. The garage is connected to the terminals via walkways on Level 2. Follow signs for Parking/Daily/Hourly and continue on towards the Hourly Deck. Hourly parking is great for picking up or dropping off passengers since the first hour is free of charge.

Duration Rate
0 - 1 Hours Free
Each Additional 30 Minutes $1.00
Daily Maximum $20.00


Curbside Valet ($35 per day)

Curbside Valet is the most expensive and exclusive parking option, but it is extremely convenient. Drive directly to the Departures level at the Charlotte Airport and park curbside at the valet booth. A valet will take your car keys and park your car for you. Head straight into the airport to check-in for your flight. When you return, call the valet service and the attendant will pull your car around. The service is open daily, from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. Ask the valet attendant about receiving a car wash or auto inspection.


How to pay Charlotte Airport Parking Fees

At Charlotte Airport, you can pay for the parking services using a credit card or buy a pre-paid card to avoid long queues. If you go for the pre-paid option, the process is simple. Take the parking ticket issued by the Pay&Go machine and store it in a safe place. While exiting the facilities, insert the ticket to the Pay&Go machine, and complete the purchase. Take back the validated ticket and use it to exit the car lot. At Hourly Decks, the Pay&Go machines are situated on the 2nd level. If you parked in Daily Decks, you find them next to the shuttle bus stop.


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