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Informative 21 Jan 2020

LAX Parking Rates

LAX Parking Rates

Are you traveling from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX)? Be aware that rates are very expensive for on-site parking at the official parking garages. LAX parking prices range from $4.00 per 30 minutes up to $40.00 per day. Luckily, there are alternative options for covered parking at affordable rates. Off-site parking rates start at $9.65 for an entire day of parking in a covered garage, with free shuttle service.

Whether you are looking for short- or long-term parking, uncovered or covered parking, on-site or off-site parking, ParkFellows can help. We have made it easier than ever to find and compare the best LAX parking options by putting together this quick and easy guide to LAX parking fees, to help you find a convenient parking option for your trip at the best price possible.

Parking Facility Daily Rate Covered? Type of Parking Distance
Airport Center Express $9.65 Self-Park 3 Minutes
LAX Lot E $12.00 - Self-Park 15 Minutes
WallyPark LAX Garage $13.50 Self-Park 2 Minutes
WallyPark LAX Garage (Valet) $14.65 Valet (with Shuttle) 2 Minutes
LAX Parking Garages $40.00 Park & Walk 2 Minutes


Official LAX Parking - Hourly and Daily Rates

There are eight LAX Parking Garages located on-site, as well as an Economy Lot located off-airport property. Both options offer daily and hourly parking rates, depending on your length of stay. Refer to the information below to calculate how much you will pay for parking:


LAX Parking Garages ($40/Day)

There are 9 terminals at the LAX Airport (Terminals 1-8 plus Tom Bradley International Terminal) and there are 8 parking structures. Each parking garage is within walking distance to its corresponding terminal:

  • P-1: Terminal 1
  • P-2A & P-2B: Terminal 2
  • P-3: Terminal 3 & Tom Bradley Int'l
  • P-4: Terminal 4 & Tom Bradley Int'l
  • P-5: Terminal 5
  • P-6: Terminal 6
  • P-7: Terminal 7 and 8

The expensive rates make them ideal only for short-term parking at LAX Airport. Parking is free for the first 15 minutes, $5.00 for the first hour, and $4,00 for every 30 minutes thereafter. The daily maximum rate is $40.00. Parking in the LAX parking garages is permitted up to a maximum of 30 days. 

LAX Parking Garage Hourly Rates

Duration Price
0 - 15 Minutes Free
15 - 60 Minutes $5.00
60 - 90 Minutes $9.00
90 - 120 Minutes $13.00
Daily Maximum Rate $40.00


Economy Lot E ($12/Day)

Economy Lot E is currently closed until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions.

LAX Parking Lot E is an official parking lot located about 2 miles off-airport property. It is an uncovered and paved parking lot, which is not ideal for storing your car for more than a week. According to LAX officials, the shuttle will take around 15 -30 minutes to reach the terminal loop at LAX, depending on traffic. This is the only official economy lot from Los Angeles Airport now that LAX Parking Lot C is closed. Reservations cannot be made for Economy Lot E, the parking lot is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lot E parking rates start at $4.00 for the first hour, then $4.00 for each additional hour (or any fraction thereof), up to a maximum of $12 for every 24 hours.

Economy Lot E Hourly Rates

Duration Price
1 hour $4.00
2 hours $8.00
3 hours $12.00
24 hours $12.00


Park and Ride Rates

If you are going on vacation for a few days or more, then Park and Ride is the best choice. Park and Ride offers super low rates for LAX Airport long term parking, starting from $9.65 per day. The private, off-site parking options offer covered garages to protect your car from the elements whilst you are away. Covered parking at the following off-site parking providers is much more affordable than the on-site LAX Parking Garages.


Airport Center Express (price from $9.65 per day)

Airport Center Express is a covered parking garage located just 2 minutes from the terminal loop. Courtesy shuttles operate around the clock, arriving every 15 minutes for passengers. The parking garage is secured by 24-hour video surveillance and a gated entrance. Airport Center Express charges just $9.65 per day when you book through ParkFellows.


Wally Park LAX Premier Garage Self Park (price from $13.50 per day)

Wally Park LAX Premier Garage is awarded by motorists for the low price, the excellent quality of the parking services, and the short distance from the Los Angeles Airport. Free shuttles arrive every 5 minutes so travelers are never waiting. The covered parking garage is equipped with CCTV, 24-hour security guards, and a gated entrance. In addition, there are guards between each parking spot to avoid door dings. As a bonus, you can also reserve a car wash or detailing while you are away. Self-parking at WallyPark LAX is just $13.50 per day when you book in advance with ParkFellows.


WallyPark LAX Premier Garage Valet (price from $14.65 per day)

There are two options for Wally parking LAX, which is why it is listed twice. Valet parking lets travelers skip the hassle of searching for an open parking spot. Drop your car at the front of the garage and it will be waiting there for you when you return. Valet parking at the garage is exceptionally easy and will get you to the airport as quickly as possible. Your car will be protected with CCTV, 24-hour surveillance, and a gated entrance. You can also have your car fully serviced so that it feels brand new when you return. Valet parking at Wally Park LAX Premier Garage costs $14.65 per day when booked online with ParkFellows.


Save on LAX Airport parking rates by booking in advance

Understandably, the official parking lots at Los Angeles Airport are the first choice if you drive to the airport. However, it is advisable to look at other parking options and to compare the parking prices at LAX Airport. There are a large number of private parking lot operators who offer affordable parking spaces close to the terminal loop. Check out our article on the TOP 5 Cheap Los Angeles Airport Parking Options if you're looking to save money.

Be smart and find out in advance about the options and parking fees at Los Angeles Airport. It's easy with ParkFellows. Enter the day of your departure and return flight, the airport, and voilà - all available options are immediately displayed and easy to compare. If you want, you can then complete your reservation for a parking space directly with ParkFellows with just a few clicks and your parking spot is guaranteed for your trip. Compare the providers now and enjoy your trip! 

* Prices are subject to change. Prices were last updated in June 2020.
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