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When it comes to parking at PDX Airport, it's important to understand the various parking rates available at different car parks. Whether you need short term, long term, economy, or valet parking, we will explore the options and provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision for your parking needs.

Overview of PDX Parking Rates
Car ParkCost per Week Service + Distance 
Jiffy Airport Parking$ 88.066 min shuttleBook
Hampton Inn & Suites Portland$ 90.4915 min shuttleBook
Economy Parking$ 105.007 - 9 min shuttle -
Park, Shuttle & Fly$ 105.9810 min shuttleBook
Long Term Parking$ 168.005 min walk-
Short Term Parking$ 210.003 min walk-
Valet Parking$ 315.00Valet + 1 min walk-


Additional Info - Portland Airport Parking Fees

Here on ParkFellows, you can find detailed information about PDX parking rates and options available. Below we provide comprehensive details on each parking option, including rates and availability. If you need more information about the cheapest car parking at Portland Airport, then check out our blog!


Jiffy Airport Parking ($88.06 for 1 Week)

Jiffy Airport Parking PDX




Jiffy Parking Portland provides affordable parking rates for travelers looking for a reliable parking option. Whether you need short-term or long-term parking, Jiffy Parking Portland offers competitive rates to suit your needs. Their facilities are well-maintained, and they provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport terminals in just 6 minutes! Enjoy Jiffy car parking for just $88.06 per week or $9.95 per day. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min shuttle

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Hampton Inn & Suites Portland ($90.49 for 1 Week)

Hampton Inn & Suites Portland PDX




Hampton Inn & Suites Portland Car Parking offers parking options for both hotel guests and non-guests. The PDX parking rates are designed to provide convenience and value to travelers. With their proximity to the airport terminals, Hampton Inn & Suites Portland offers a convenient parking solution. Additionally, guests can take advantage of the hotel amenities during their stay. Enjoy Hampton Inn parking for just $90.49 for a whole week of parking. 

  • Hours: 5:00am - 11:00pm
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle

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Park, Shuttlle & Fly ($105.98 for 1 Week)

Park, Shuttlle & Fly PDX




Park Shuttle & Fly offers competitive parking rates for both short-term and long-term parking. Their goal is to provide affordable parking solutions without compromising on service quality. Park Shuttle & Fly ensures the security and safety of your vehicle while offering convenient shuttle services to and from the airport terminals. You can take advantage of the 24/7 service, excellent customer service and luggage assistance services for jut $105.98 per week or $13.00 per day at Park Shuttle and Fly. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 10 min shuttle

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Economy Parking ($105.00 for 1 Week)

Economy Parking PDX




Economy parking is a budget-friendly option for travelers looking for affordable parking at Portland Airport. These lots are located slightly further away from the terminals but offer shuttle services to ensure convenient transportation. Economy parking rates provide significant cost savings, making them an excellent choice for longer stays. Enjoy Economy parking PDX for just $105.00 for an entire week of parking. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 7 - 9 min shuttle


Long Term Parking ($168.00 for 1 Week)

Long Term Parking PDX




For travelers going on extended trips or vacations, long term parking offers a cost-effective solution. These parking lots provide discounted rates for extended durations, allowing you to park your vehicle securely for an extended period. Long term parking rates are typically more affordable when compared to short term options, for just $24.00 per day or $168.00 for a whole week of parking. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min walk


Short Term Parking ($210.00 for 1 Week)

Short Term Parking PDX




Short term parking is designed for travelers who require parking for a few hours or a day. It provides convenient access to the airport terminals, making it ideal for picking up or dropping off passengers. While short term parking rates may vary, they generally offer a higher hourly rate compared to long term options, costing $30 per day. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 3 min walk


Valet Parking ($315.00 for 1 Week)

Valet Parking PDX




Valet parking offers the highest level of convenience and personalized service. With valet parking, you can simply drop off your vehicle at the designated area and let the professional staff take care of parking it for you. While valet parking rates may be higher than other options, they provide a hassle-free experience and direct access to the airport terminals. Enjoy valet parking Portland Airport for $45.00 per day. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 1 min walk



Short Term Parking Portland Airport

Portland Short Term Parking Rates
HoursLong Term LotShort Term LotEconomy LotValet Lot
0 to 1 Hours$ 4.00$ 4.00$ 4.00$ 10.00
1 to 2 Hours$ 8.00$ 8.00$ 8.00$ 20.00
2 to 3 Hours$ 12.00$ 12.00$ 12.00$ 30.00
3 to 4 Hours$ 16.00$ 16.00$ 15.00$ 40.00
Daily Max$ 16.00$ 24.00$ 30.00$ 45.00
*Prices include all taxes and fees


Compare the Best Portland Airport Parking Fees

Portland Airport has seen a significant increase in the number of travellers in recent years, especially during busy periods. This increased demand has caused more congestion and traffic around the parking lots and garages. Finding a parking spot online at an off-site parking provider will help to avoid the stress and chaos of parking on-site at the airport. ParkFellows helps you find the best parking facility at an affordable price. Relax knowing your parking spot is secured and your car is in safe hands while you are away. 

* Prices are subject to change. Prices were last updated in February 2024.

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