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Cheapest Parking at SeaTac Airport: ParkFellows Top 5

Cheapest Parking at SeaTac Airport: ParkFellows Top 5

If you are searching for the cheapest parking at SeaTac, then ParkFellows can help. You don't need to spend hours researching the lowest rates at the most reliable parking facilities, because we have collected all this information right here in the ParkFellows Top 5 list. 

All the parking facilities listed are highly rated, trusted, and reputable off-site parking facilities located within a few minutes of the airport. Free shuttle transfers and luggage assistance are included in the booking fee.

One of the easiest ways to save on Sea-Tac Airport parking is by booking at least one month in advance. Prices are generally cheaper the further out you book, so don't wait to reserve your parking spot. But even if you have waited until the last minute, there are still plenty of options for cheap Sea-Tac parking when you book with ParkFellows. Check out the options below:

Parking Option Cost Per Day Service Covered? Distance from the Terminal
Wally Park SeaTac Boysen (Outdoor Valet) $9.90 Valet - 3 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop) $10.45 Self-Park - 5 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Self-Park)  $11.55 Self-Park 5 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage $12.65 Valet 5 minutes
MasterPark SeaTac $17.99 Valet 4 minutes


If you would like to access more information about the parking choices listed above, click on their names or scroll down to read a short synopsis. By clicking on their names, you will find further info on opening hours, location, transit times, services, reviews, and photographs.

It's also possible to get a free quote by inputting your travel dates in the search bar above. Our comparison tool will show you a list of all the available off-site parking options for your trip. You can filter by customer rating, price, and journey time. Booking online is fast and straightforward with our online reservation system. You'll be able to download your booking confirmation, which you can either print out or keep on your smartphone, ready to present to the parking facility when you arrive.

Our Top 5 SeaTac parking deals are:

Wally Park Seattle Boysen Uncovered

1. Wally Park Seattle Boysen (Outdoor Valet) - $9.90 per day

WallyPark Seattle Boysen is the cheapest Seattle Airport parking option starting at $9.90 per day. WallyPark Seattle Boysen is an outdoor valet lot that is very popular with travelers, due to its great location, low rates, and positive customer reviews. It offers budget outdoor parking, free shuttle transfers, and convenient 24 hour opening times.

WallyPark Seattle Boysen is located directly across the street from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, so the transfer time is only three minutes to the terminal entrance. Book your parking spot today at Wally Park Sea-Tac Boysen (Outdoor Valet)

WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage Rooftop Uncovered

2. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (Rooftop) - $10.45 per day

Cheap parking SeaTac Airport doesn't get any easier than with Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (Rooftop). The Premier Garage is one of the most popular parking garages around SeaTac Airport thanks to the premium security features, great location, and positive customer feedback. Travelers will take a free 5-minute shuttle to the Seattle Airport.

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (Rooftop) offers uncovered parking on the top level of the parking garage. If you are looking for cheap parking near SeaTac Airport, then it's hard to miss prices as low as $10.45 per day. Book your parking spot at Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop)

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park Covered

3. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (Self Park) - $11.55 per day

If you are looking for cheap covered parking near SeaTac Airport, then the Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (Self Park) is for you. Your car will be protected by a range of top security measures, including security cameras, staff patrols, plus gated entry. With covered parking, your car will also be protected from the elements and extreme temperatures.

Open every day of the week, the WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage provides a non-stop shuttle service that takes less than 5 minutes in each direction. Self-parking allows you to choose your own parking spot and keep your car keys. Book your parking spot for self-paring at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage.

Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage Covered Valet

4. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage - $12.65 per day

With low rates, free shuttle transfers, and advanced security measures, it's hard not to see why WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage often sells out. WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage has long been a ParkFellows customer favorite. For just $12.65 per day, customers get covered parking, valet service, and free luggage assistance.

With valet parking, you will simply drop your car off at the front of the WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage, drop-off your keys, and hop on the shuttle. A free 5-minute shuttle will quickly drive you to the terminal entrance. It's also possible to request car washing and detailing at the facility, if you want to return to a sparkling clean car. Book your parking spot at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage.

MasterPark SeaTac

5. MasterPark SeaTac - $17.99 per day

For peace of mind while you're away, MasterPark SeaTac is a great option. Their Valet Garage offers weather-protected parking within a 4-minute shuttle ride to the Seattle Airport. The shuttles are available on-demand, so call or text their phone number for pick-up.

MasterPark Valet Parking offers secure parking services starting from $17.99 per day. The parking garage is open 24/7, including holidays. Please note this parking facility is not bookable on our platform at this time.


Book Cheap Parking near SeaTac

The best way to save money on airport parking is by booking with an off-site parking provider and reserving your parking spot in advance online. The official parking rates for Seattle Airport are two to three times more expensive than off-site parking. Reserving your spot in advance also avoids the hassle of circling the airport on the day of departure looking for a parking spot. Skip the lines and drive directly to your pre-booked parking spot. 

If you plan to park for more than 5 days, then read our article on the best options for Sea-Tac Airport long term parking. You can find great deals and discounts at Seattle-Tacoma Airport when booking for an extended period of time.

ParkFellows has been serving our valued customers since 2013. We partner with reliable, secure, and affordable parking operators that have been operating in the Seattle-Tacoma area for many years. To book a cheap parking spot, input your travel dates in the search engine above. You will automatically see the available parking facilities, along with their rates, reviews, and distance from the airport. Secure your parking space instantly and relax knowing your car will be in good hands.


*Prices are subject to change. These rates were last updated in June 2020

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