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Our Top 5 Cheap Parking SeaTac Airport

Our Top 5 Cheap Parking SeaTac Airport

Are you leaving from Seattle and looking for cheap SeaTac Airport Parking? Are you interested in first-class services offered at affordable rates? If you are looking for SeaTac Airport parking deals, then you can find the most competitive options right here. Compare the prices with us and remember to book your parking spot in advance to be sure that you lock in the best rate possible. 


Cheap Seattle Airport Parking

Parking Option Cost Per Day Cost Per Week Covered or Uncovered Distance from the Terminal
WallyPark Malmberg (Self-Park) $7.70 $64.62 Uncovered 5 minutes
WallyPark Boysen (Valet) $9.90 $91.02 Uncovered 3 minutes
WallyPark Garage (Rooftop) $13.95 $97.62 Uncovered 5 minutes
WallyPark Garage (Self-Park)  $15.83 $110.82 Covered 5 minutes
WallyPark Garage (Valet)  $17.72 $124.02 Covered 5 minutes


Cheapest SeaTac Parking Ranking:

WallyPark Seattle Malmberg

1. Wally Park Seattle Malmberg (from $7.70 per day)


WallyPark Malmberg is the best option for cheap parking near SeaTac Airport. It is highly recommended for both long and short term parking. Located just 5 minutes from the airport, the WallyPark Malmberg facility offers a free airport transfer shuttle that runs around the clock. Car washing services are available, too. 

» Book now for SeaTac parking at WallyPark Malmberg 

WallyPark Seattle Boysen

2. Wally Park Seattle Boysen (from $9.90 per day)

WallyPark Boysen is valued at 9.7 by customers on ParkFellows. Their valet service makes it easy to drop your car off and head straight to the airport. The parking lot is right across the street from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, so it only takes 3 minutes to arrive at the terminals. Car washing services are available at this location, as well. 

» Book now for valet parking at Wally Park Boysen

WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage Rooftop Uncovered

3. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Rooftop (from $11.55 per day)

WallyPark at SeaTac has three different options for parking at their Premier Garage. WallyPark Garage (Rooftop) is the cheapest option for parking in the premier WallyPark Garage. It is uncovered rooftop parking, but you still get the same great services. The airport shuttles run every 5 minutes, CCTV and 24/7 security secure your car, and car washing services are available. The shuttle only takes 5 minutes to reach the Seattle Airport.

» Book now for rooftop parking at Wally Park Premier Garage

WallyPark Seattle Self Park Garage

4. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park (from $11.55 per day)

WallyPark Garage (Self-Park) means that you get to park your own car and keep your car keys with you. With covered parking and 24-hour surveillance, you can be sure that your car will be in pristine condition when you return. You can even purchase a car wash to give that extra shine when you return.

» Book now for self-parking at Wally Park Premier Garage

WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage

5. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage (from $12.65 per day)

Valet parking at the WallyPark Garage is the most expensive option, but you will receive the VIP treatment. With WallyPark Garage (Valet), you simply pull up and hand over your keys. The professional valets will park your car for you so you can immediately jump on the shuttle to catch your flight. You will be at the Seattle Airport within 10 minutes of arriving at the garage. 

» Book now for valet parking at Wally Park Premier Garage


Cheap Airport Parking SEATAC: Compare Prices and Book the Cheapest!


*Prices are subject to change. These rates were last updated in February 2020

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