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Cheapest Parking at SeaTac Airport

Our Top 5: Cheapest Parking at SeaTac Airport

Find the cheapest parking at SeaTac with our top 5 comparison list. We search daily for the lowest rates to offer great deals to our valued customers. We have checked rates, reviews, and safety standards to put together the most complete list of cheap Sea-Tac parking. 

One of the easiest ways to save on Sea-Tac Airport parking is by booking online at an off-site parking lot. With prices as low as $9.90 per day, you can save 75% over the cost of on-airport parking. Off-site lots even provide a free shuttle to drop you off at the steps of the airport terminal. It's easy, efficient, and, best of all, cheap!

To access all the information about the individual parking choices, click on their names or scroll down to read a short synopsis. By clicking on their names, you will find further info on opening hours, location, transit times, services, reviews, and photographs.

Parking Option Cost Per Day Service Covered? Distance from the Terminal
Wally Park SeaTac Boysen $9.90 Valet - 3 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop) $10.45 Self-Park - 5 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Self-Park)  $11.55 Self-Park 5 minutes
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage $12.65 Valet 5 minutes
MasterPark SeaTac $17.99 Valet 4 minutes


Our top 5 SeaTac parking deals are:

Wally Park Seattle Boysen Uncovered

1. Wally Park Seattle Boysen ($9.90 per day)

WallyPark Seattle Boysen is the cheapest Seattle Airport parking option starting at $9.90 per day. It is an outdoor and paved lot situated directly across the street from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. This parking lot offers valet parking for quick and efficient airport parking.

  • Pull into the lot and hand keys to the valet
  • Shuttle takes 3 minutes to the terminals
  • You will never wait more than 5 minutes for a shuttle

» Book now for Wally Park Sea-Tac Boysen

WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage Rooftop Uncovered

2. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Rooftop ($10.45 per day)

The uncovered rooftop option at the Wally Park Seattle Garage is the second cheapest parking at SeaTac Airport. You benefit from the security features of the Premier Garage while taking advantage of a much cheaper rate.

  • Keep your car keys
  • Cheapest rate at the WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage
  • 5 minutes to Sea-Tac Airport

» Book now for rooftop parking at Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park Covered

3. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park ($11.55 per day)

Self-parking at the Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage is the cheapest option for covered parking at SeaTac Airport at just $11.55 per day. The Premier Garage has advanced safety features to keep your car secure while you are away.

  • CCTV and 24-hour surveillance
  • Cheapest option for covered parking near Sea-Tac
  • 5 minutes to Sea-Tac Airport

» Book now for self-parking at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage

Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage Covered Valet

4. Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage ($12.65 per day)

Valet parking is the ultra-convenient parking option at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage. You simply pull up, drop off, and go! The shuttle will take you to the airport in just a few minutes. Waste no time searching for a parking spot. Prices start at just $12.65 per day.

  • Professional valet parks your car
  • CCTV and 24-hour surveillance
  • 5 minutes to Sea-Tac Airport

» Book now for valet parking at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage

MasterPark SeaTac

5. MasterPark SeaTac ($17.99 per day)

MasterPark SeaTac offers covered parking in its premium garage. Shuttles do not circle continuously around the airport. Call or text their phone number for pick-up. MasterPark Seattle is not currently available on ParkFellows.

  • CCTV and 24-hour surveillance
  • On-demand shuttles
  • 4 minutes to Sea-Tac Airport


Book Cheap Parking near SeaTac

The best way to save money on airport parking is by booking with an off-site parking provider and reserving your parking spot in advance online. The official parking rates for Seattle Airport are two to three times more expensive than off-site parking. Reserving your spot in advance also avoids the hassle of circling the airport on the day of departure looking for a parking spot. Skip the lines and drive directly to your pre-booked parking spot. 

If you plan to park for more than 5 days, then read our article on the best options for Sea-Tac Airport long term parking. You can find great deals and discounts at Seattle-Tacoma Airport when booking for an extended period of time.

ParkFellows has been serving our valued customers since 2013. We partner with reliable, secure, and affordable parking operators that have been operating in the Seattle-Tacoma area for many years. To book a cheap parking spot, input your travel dates in the search engine above. You will automatically see the available parking facilities, along with their rates, reviews, and distance from the airport. Secure your parking space instantly and relax knowing your car will be in good hands.


*Prices are subject to change. These rates were last updated in June 2020

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