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Ontario Airport Lot 2

Ontario Airport terminal 2 parking is made simple with this official Ontario Airport parking lot. Lot 2 is the closest parking lot to terminal 2. The parking lot is within a 2-minute walk to the entrance of the airport. Self-parking means you get to choose your parking spot, park your own car, and keep your car keys. Then, you walk with your luggage into the airport to catch your flight. Lot 2 benefits from great security including barrier entry and exit, floodlighting, and 24-hour surveillance. When you book online, you guarantee a parking spot will be available for you on your travel date. You will be issued a unique QR code to grant quick access to the parking lot. There are many options for Ontario Airport Parking, but with Lot 2, you literally cannot get any closer to your gate.

  • Less than a 2-minute walk to terminal 2
  • Onsite and official, hassle-free way to start your vacation
  • Guaranteed parking spot when you reserve online


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Address of the parking Lot 2, Ontario International Airport, Terminal Way, Ontario, CA 91761, USA
Distance: 2min
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Park and Walk
How does Park and Walk work?

These parking garages or parking lots are located very close to the terminal so there is no shuttle needed. You simply park your car and walk to the terminal with your luggage.

Not dependent on anyone. Always close the the terminal . No waiting times.
1 Park You will self-park your car in the parking garage or parking lot. Be sure to check the signs so that you park in the area closest to your terminal
2 Remember Your Location Don’t forget to write down where you parked so that after your trip you can find your car quickly
3 Walk Walk a short distance with your luggage into the terminal.
4 After your trip Find your car and pay the fare when you exit.
With Ontario Airport Lot 2 you are protected by:
Ja 24 hour surveillance
The parking facility is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, your car is always secured.
Nee Vehicle inspection
The parking checks your car for damage and notes how many miles you have driven
Nee CamerasJa FenceJa Barrier
Nee No Max. Clearance HeightJa Asphalt or pavingNee Illuminated terrainNee Electric chargingNee Waiting roomNee Toilet
Ja Open 24 hours
Not all parking facilities are open 24 hours a day. Providers do always take the first and last flights into account, including delays.
Ja Keep car keys
Most self-parking options allow you to park and keep your car keys with you. If a parking facility requires your car keys, then the keys will be locked in a vault and no unnecessary driving will be done. The only driving that will be done is to keep the terrain manageable.
Nee Starting aidNee Covered parkingNee Luggage assistanceNee Car wash
What customers say about Ontario Airport Lot 2
Ontario Airport Lot 2 has an avarage rating of 10
Alaina - 22-01-2020 "Great parking near the terminal"

Information for Arrival and Return

When you book online through ParkFellows, you will be emailed your unique QR code. Upon arrival to Lot 2, simply scan your QR code from your cell phone or printed copy to enter the parking lot. When you return, walk back to the parking lot and find your vehicle. Drive to the nearest exit barrier and scan your QR code to exit. Keep your confirmation number with you in case you have any issues. If for some reason the QR code does not work, press the intercom button to directly speak to a staff member. If you stayed longer than your reservation, you will need to pay for the additional days before you exit.


Ontario Airport Parking at Lot 2 has Terrific Reviews

Customers agree that parking at Ontario Airport Lot 2 is both simple and convenient. The parking lot is clean, well-lit, and safe. Many customers love how easy it is to check-in and out of the parking lot with a simple QR code scan. Lot 2 gets you directly to your terminal and on your way. This parking lot is in high demand, so be sure to reserve your parking spot in advance.


Disabled Info

Disabled spots are available.


Additional Info

You will need the QR code that was emailed to you in order to enter and exit the parking lot. The QR code can be either digital or printed. In case of any issues, be sure to have your confirmation number with you, as well. There are no trucks, trailers, van, campers, or RVs allowed at the parking lot.

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