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Wally Park PHL

Status: Open, with COVID-19 prevention measures
Cancellation insurance available

Parking near Philadelphia Airport is now easy and convenient thanks to the top customer service and professionalism of WallyPark PHL. They offer spacious uncovered parking that is available to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take advantage of the convenient location to save time and money with a free shuttle service that runs in intervals of 5 minutes. 

Wally Park Philadelphia has made safety and security their top priority. You can feel secure with staff available at all times to help with any issues that may arise. They monitor the parking lot 24/7 to make sure you, your vehicle, and its possessions are safe at all times. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that WallyPark makes Philadelphia Airport parking simple, quick, and easy.

  • Choose your own spot, park your  car, and keep your car keys
  • Only 1.3 miles to the airport
  • Security system: 24-hour surveillance, CCTV, and entry barrier


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Address of the parking 1 Scott Way, Philadelphia, PA 19113
Traveltime shuttle: 4min
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Park and Ride
How does park and ride work?

You will drive your car directly to the reserved parking lot, usually located a few miles from the airport. A complimentary shuttle will drop-off and pick-up directly curbside at your terminal. Some parking operators will have an on-demand shuttle and others will have a shuttle that runs at regular intervals. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.

Most affordable airport parking option Dropped up and picked up directly curbside at the terminal Luggage assistance available
1 Park You will either self-park or valet your car at your reserved parking lot.
2 Departure Shuttle Complimentary shuttle brings you directly curbside to your terminal.
3 Arrival Shuttle Meet at the confirmed location outside of the terminal for pick-up.
4 Return Home Drive home as soon as you get to the parking lot.
With WallyPark PHL you are protected by:
Ja 24 hour surveillance
The parking facility is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, your car is always secured.
Nee Vehicle inspection
The parking checks your car for damage and notes how many miles you have driven
Nee CamerasNee FenceJa Barrier
Ja No Max. Clearance HeightJa Asphalt or pavingNee Illuminated terrainNee Electric chargingNee Waiting roomNee Toilet
Ja Open 24 hours
Not all parking facilities are open 24 hours a day. Providers do always take the first and last flights into account, including delays.
Ja Keep car keys
Most self-parking options allow you to park and keep your car keys with you. If a parking facility requires your car keys, then the keys will be locked in a vault and no unnecessary driving will be done. The only driving that will be done is to keep the terrain manageable.
Nee Starting aidNee Covered parkingJa Luggage assistanceJa Car wash
What customers say about WallyPark PHL
WallyPark PHL has an avarage rating of 9.7
Eli - 12-02-2020 "Use the Wally App so you can text them to let them know you arrived. Around rush hour it took us about 15 minutes to be picked up. It's nice they give you free water when you leave."
Andrea - 22-01-2020 "Very happy with our experience. The shuttle drivers were very helpful"
David - 05-12-2019 "Great service, prompt shuttling you to and from the airport. Bus driver quickly grabs your bag and secures it in the rack. Clean shuttles, very happy to use this service again."
Ron - 01-11-2019 "Really happy we got such a good deal on parking. The shuttles were super quick"

Why choose Wally Park at Philadelphia Airport?

Wally Park in Philadelphia aims to offer the best service to every customer.  They’re dedicated to providing a pleasant parking experience that will make you choose them again for airport parking on your next flight from Philadelphia.

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long
  • 3 minutes to the airport terminals
  • Complimentary shuttle service
  • Courteous and friendly staff


How Wally Park PHL Airport Shuttle Works

Once you arrive at the facility, you’ll need to pass through the entrance gate first. Show your booking confirmation to the attendant and they will let you know if you need to pull a ticket from the automated machine or if you can enter by only showing the booking number. Right after that, follow the directional signs to the open parking area. Choose a space of your preference and park your car. A shuttle bus will pick you up at your vehicle. Leave your trunk open so that the driver can help with your luggage. The driver will also hand you a shuttle boarding card that has information about the location where you’ll be picked up at the airport upon return. The shuttle runs continuously also during the night. 

When you are back at Philadelphia Airport and you have claimed your baggage, head to the location written on the boarding card given to you earlier by the shuttle driver. On this card, as well as on your booking confirmation, you’ll find a number to call for the shuttle to come and pick you up. You’ll be dropped off at your car’s door, so you’ll only have to get in your car and drive away.


Special Features

Wally Park PHL Airport offers premium car care services for an additional fee. such as car detailing and exterior car wash. Wally Park customers were satisfied with the results and would recommend it to others. It’s best to call in advance or ask when you arrive at the parking lot to learn more about the cost and availability of these services.

Wallypark employees are happy to help, free of charge, with a dead battery and other minor repairs, such as broken windshield wipers. 


Good to know!

  • No height restrictions
  • Accepted vehicles: sedans, station wagons, minivans, sports, and luxury vehicles (12-seat)
  • Take a copy of your confirmation details with you on your day of travel


Driving Directions

From I-95 Southbound

Exit 12B and turn left at the traffic light. Follow Bartram Ave straight onto Scott Way. Wallypark is on both sides of the street.


From I-95 Northbound

Take Exit 10. Follow straight for 1/4 mile to Scott Way. Turn right onto Scott Way. Wallypark is on both sides of the street.


Disabled Parking Information

Wally Park PHL Airport is happy to accommodate customers with physical disabilities. There are available parking spaces for the disabled and wheelchair access to the shuttles. Please, call the facility to ask them how they can make your experience more convenient.


Wally Park Philadelphia Reviews

When it comes to reviews, WallyPark Philadelphia is certified as the real deal. Most customers talk about the fast shuttle service, the friendly staff, the nearby location to the airport, and the cleanness of the facility. Wally Park PHL staff members always go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

If so many people took their time to give WallyPark high scores, you should feel safe leaving your vehicle in their care. Your opinion matters to us as much as it matters to other customers. We would like to hear from you about your experience at Wally Park PHL Airport by writing a fair comment.

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