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Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop)

Status: Open, with COVID-19 prevention measures
Cancellation insurance available

Get the stress-free airport parking experience you deserve by booking SeaTac Airport Parking at the Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop). Rooftop parking offers the same professional service and security, but costs a fraction of the price. 

WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop) is situated 5 minutes away from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Courtesy shuttles transport travelers quickly to and from the SeaTac Airport terminals. Attendants and surveillance cameras monitor the facility 24/7, and a barrier at the entrance opens only for the customers. Wally Park staff prides themselves on their first-class service and strives to offer everything you could need from secure parking to optional extra services.

  • Uncovered rooftop self-parking near Seattle Airport
  • Shuttle service from your car door to your airline terminal
  • Free luxury shuttles arrive every 5 minutes


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Address of the parking 18613 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA 98188
Traveltime shuttle: 5min
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Park and Ride
How does park and ride work?

You will drive your car directly to the reserved parking lot, usually located a few miles from the airport. A complimentary shuttle will drop-off and pick-up directly curbside at your terminal. Some parking operators will have an on-demand shuttle and others will have a shuttle that runs at regular intervals. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.

Most affordable airport parking option Dropped up and picked up directly curbside at the terminal Luggage assistance available
1 Park You will either self-park or valet your car at your reserved parking lot.
2 Departure Shuttle Complimentary shuttle brings you directly curbside to your terminal.
3 Arrival Shuttle Meet at the confirmed location outside of the terminal for pick-up.
4 Return Home Drive home as soon as you get to the parking lot.
With WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop) you are protected by:
Ja 24 hour surveillance
The parking facility is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, your car is always secured.
Nee Vehicle inspection
The parking checks your car for damage and notes how many miles you have driven
Ja CamerasJa FenceJa Barrier
Nee No Max. Clearance HeightJa Asphalt or pavingNee Illuminated terrainNee Electric chargingNee Waiting roomNee Toilet
Ja Open 24 hours
Not all parking facilities are open 24 hours a day. Providers do always take the first and last flights into account, including delays.
Ja Keep car keys
Most self-parking options allow you to park and keep your car keys with you. If a parking facility requires your car keys, then the keys will be locked in a vault and no unnecessary driving will be done. The only driving that will be done is to keep the terrain manageable.
Nee Starting aidNee Covered parkingJa Luggage assistanceJa Car wash
What customers say about WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop)
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage (Rooftop) has an avarage rating of 9.8
Angie - 12-02-2020 "I left my light on and they were right there in 5 minutes to help with a jump for free. The parking garage was really secure and close to the airport. We will be back!"
Diego - 22-01-2020 "Cheap and easy, no problems at all"
Murphy - 05-12-2019 " Their drivers are very nice and efficient. They have complimentary newspapers, water bottles and mini muffins near the front office. Great parking spot and we will be back again"
Tim - 01-11-2019 "Great option for cheap parking. I will park here again. The shuttles were really prompt"
Oscar - 01-11-2019 "Cheap, easy, and efficient. The shuttles were there within 5 minutes both ways."

Why Book with WallyPark Premier Garage (Rooftop) at SeaTac Airport?

Seattle's Wally Park Premier Garage is one of the most trusted and preferred off-site airport parking facilities. Friendly staff and timely shuttles are only just a few of the reasons that travelers book with Wally Park Seatac Premier Garage (Rooftop). With rooftop parking at the Premier Garage, you can take advantage of all these great features for a fraction of the price:

  • Opening times: 24/7/365
  • Only 1 mile to the airport
  • Low rates - way cheaper than on-site airport parking
  • Continuously running shuttles
  • Free luggage assistance
  • Top-class security: 24hour patrol, cameras, and barrier-entry


How does it work?

When you arrive at the WallyPark Premier Garage at Seattle Airport, show your booking confirmation to the employee at the entrance. The parking provider asks that you print out the confirmation, but you can always have the digital copy on your phone. The attendants will direct you to the rooftop parking area where you will park your vehicle, lock the doors, and keep your keys with you. The prompt shuttle service that runs around the clock will wait for you at the ground level. The driver will assist you with your luggage. In a few minutes, you’ll be dropped off on the courtesy island shuttle lane of the airport.

When you return and exit the baggage claim, wait for the shuttle again at the same spot, at the airport shuttle lane. Call the number on the copy of your reservation receipt to request a shuttle or ask if it is on the way. A shuttle will be dispatched to meet you on the 3rd floor of the parking structure on Island 1 and 3. The shuttle drivers know well that you are exhausted from your flight, so they will do their best to assist you with your luggage. Within a few minutes, you’ll be brought back to the garage. Drive off and proceed to the exit, where you will be checked-out just by showing your booking confirmation.  

Directions to the Designated Shuttle Pick-Up Area: Continue down Baggage Claim to Baggage Claim 16. Take the Elevator or Escalator up to the "Parking" Level. Cross the Sky bridge into the parking structure where you will find the Blue/White Striped Elevator Bank. Take the Blue/White Striped Elevator to "Floor 1." Once on Floor 1, follow the signage to "Cruise and Charter Buses along the white gated pathway. 


Special Features

Your car will be in good hands while you're away. Padded door protectors are placed in between vehicles to avoid dents or paint scratches. In the case of a dead battery or other minor issues, WallyPark employees are happy to provide a jump-start or other assistance to get you on your way.


Additional Information

Few more important details before arriving at the facility:

  • WallyPark SeaTac premier Garage is on 18613 International Blvd Seatac. Not to be confused with Outdoor Valet (17808 International Blvd Seatac).
  • The parking garage has a 10'00'' height clearance
  • Reminder: take a copy of your reservation receipt with you on your day of travel.


Driving Directions to WallyPark Garage SeaTac (Rooftop)

From I-5 South

  • Take Exit# 152/188th St. Orillia Rd. Exit.
  • Stay in Lane for 188th St. (veer right).
  • Turn Right on International Blvd. 
  • At the Next Light, make a U-Turn. 
  • Premier Garage is on your Right.


I-5 North

  • Take the 188th Street Exit. Turn Left. 
  • Turn Right on International Blvd. 
  • At the Next Light, make a U-Turn. 
  • Premier Garage is on your Right.


Disabled Parking Information

There are parking spaces on the rooftop for customers with disabilities. From the rooftop, you can easily access the elevator. However, please ask on the spot if the shuttle can come and pick you up from/drop you off at your car.


Wally Park Seatac Premier Garage (Rooftop) Reviews

Rooftop parking at the WallyPark Premier Garage has received excellent reviews. You receive a superb low-cost option and still receive the same first-class luxury service. WallyPark Premier Garage at SeaTac Airport is known for its top customer service and prompt shuttles. Book in advance to guarantee a parking spot on the rooftop of the WallyPark Premier Garage at Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

After returning home from your trip, please leave us a comment about your impressions of Seattle's WallyPark Premier Garage (Rooftop). Tell us what you liked or didn’t like to help and we’ll make sure to improve our services for you and our next customers. 

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