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Tips 08 Aug 2019

10 Tips for Stress-Free Airport Parking

10 Tips for Stress-Free Airport Parking

Airport parking is often overlooked in the planning phase for vacation. Then once you arrive at the airport, you are left endlessly searching for a parking spot, forking over way too much money, and dragging your bags across an endless corridor. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can beat that pre-flight anxiety by reading our handy guide for stress-free airport parking.


1. Book early to take advantage of the best deals

Parking options at the airport fill up very quickly, especially during peak travel times. As parking sites start to fill up, they increase the prices to match the demand. You can save up to 40% by booking at least one month in advance. ParkFellows makes it easy to book in advance and save money. It only takes two minutes to find a great deal.

2. Compare prices so you never have to pay full price

When you book in advance, you can compare lots of parking options and choose the best value. Off-site parking lots are usually the best deals and can be incredibly cheap. There are many high-quality options that won’t break the bank. ParkFellows helps you easily compare lots of different options and will always give you the lowest price guaranteed.

3. Choose the product that suits your needs

There are three types of airport parking: Park and Ride, Valet Parking, and Park and Walk. Park and Ride is an off-site parking option with a free shuttle that runs 24/7. While Park and Ride is the cheapest option, make sure to give yourself 30 minutes to arrive at the airport. Meet and Greet is a valet option, which means you drop your car off curbside at the terminal. Valet Parking is the most convenient option, but usually the most expensive. Park and Walk is a parking option that is so close to the airport that you do not need a shuttle. Park and Walk options are usually a good compromise between price and convenience.

4. Choose a reputable company

Be careful to avoid companies that are trying to scam you with hidden fees and untrustworthy practices. You don’t want to return from vacation to find your car damaged or driven without permission. ParkFellows is committed to only promoting parking options that are guaranteed to be safe and secure. When you book through ParkFellows, you can rest assured that you are booking a reputable company.

5. Don’t ignore safety

Safety concerns are always something to consider when leaving your car in a long-term parking lot. ParkFellows makes it easy to decide which parking option will be the safest for your car. You can choose between companies that offer 24-hour security, vehicle inspection, surveillance cameras, safety fence, and/or barrier.

6. Check the estimated transfer time

If you are using a Park and Ride option, don’t forget to check how long it will take the shuttle to drop you off at the airport. Allow for plenty of time to wait for the shuttle and for it to bring you to the airport.

7. Read the reviews

You can read reviews from real customers who have used that parking option. If you have additional questions, the answers might be found in the reviews. It’s important that reviews are 100% user-generated to ensure no fake reviews are trying to misrepresent a company. On ParkFellows, reviews can only be made via invitation so we can guarantee that all of our reviews are made by real customers.

8. Check the opening and closing hours of the parking lot

The worst feeling after vacation is getting off the plane only to discover that you cannot retrieve your car. Compare your flight times with the opening and closing times of the parking lot. Most options are open 24/7, but make sure you double-check before booking.

9. Decide if you want extra services

Some parking options will offer convenient extra services, such as electric charging, car wash, luggage assistance, mechanical assistance, and covered parking. Use the filters on ParkFellows to see the options you want.

10. Avoid more stress by booking a hotel with parking

A unique way of parking is the “Park, Sleep, Fly” method. This means that you park your car at a hotel the night before your flight, sleep at the hotel, then take the free hotel shuttle to the airport terminal. Your car will stay in the secure hotel parking lot until you return. After your trip, take the hotel shuttle back to your car to head home. This option works great for people who live far from the airport and/or have an early flight.


Now all that is left to do is enjoy your trip! Whether you are going on vacation, visiting family, or traveling for business, we hope that you have a stress-free experience. ParkFellows has made it incredibly easy to search for the best available parking spots, at the best value, and you know what to expect when you arrive at the airport. You can relax knowing your car is safe and secure. We guarantee you won’t want to travel any other way!

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