Atlanta Airport Parking Rates


Flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? If you are planning to drive, then it’s a good idea to understand the rates and fees of the various options for ATL parking. Check the table below to compare Atlanta Airport parking fees and if you want to ensure a stress-free parking experience – make sure to reserve your parking spot in advance.

Overview of Atlanta Airport Parking Rates
Car ParkCost per Week Service + Distance 
Avistar AtlantaUnavailable10 min shuttle-
The Parking Spot ATL$ 65.995 - 10 min shuttleBook
Sonesta Atlanta Parking$ 65.995 min shuttleBook
Peachy Airport ParkingUnavailable2 min shuttle
Park and Ride A & C$ 80.005 - 10 min shuttle-
ATL Select$ 80.009 min shuttle-
Intl Park & Ride$ 112.003 min shuttle-
WallyPark ATL$ 112.045 - 7 min shuttleBook
Preflight Car Park ATL$ 115.4815 min shuttleBook
Marriott Parking$ 126.494 min shuttleBook
Economy Parking ATL$ 128.006 min walk-
ATL West$ 128.006 min shuttle-
Curbside Valet ATL$ 206.49Valet - 5 min walkBook
Domestic Garage$ 288.005 min walk-
International Garage$ 288.006 min walk-


If you read our article on cheap Atlanta Airport parking, then you know that the cost of parking at ATL Airport starts at $3 per hour and ranges up to $36 per day. Typically the independent airport parking facilities only cost $5.50 per day, almost half the price compared to the cheapest official car park. By comparing different providers for your travel dates, you will have no trouble finding a low-cost and secure parking spot for your vehicle.

Additional Information - ATL Parking Rates

Travelers seeking a more economical and affordable parking option should consider the various independent parking providers offered around Atlanta Airport, including WallyPark Atlanta. If price, customer service, and reliability are important factors when choosing a safe place to park, then off-site parking facilities may be what you're looking for as they provide all this and more. Your options for the best Hartsfield-Jackson parking rates include:


Avistar Atlanta (Currently Unavailable)






Avistar Atlanta Airport is a great choice for fast and low-priced airport parking ATL. The parking facility at Avistar is very top-notch with excellent security measures put in place to ensure your vehicle is left in great hands. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 10 min shuttle


The Parking Spot ATL ($65.99 for 1 Week)





The Parking Spot at Atlanta Airport is a well-renound car park that offers covered and uncovered parking for an excellent price. The shuttle runs on-demand and is open 24/7 for your convenience. The professional team guarantees that you will have an easy parking experience if you choose The Parking Spot. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 - 10 min shuttle

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Sonesta Airport Parking ATL ($65.99 for 1 Week)






Sonesta Airport Parking at Atlanta Airport has excellent ATL parking rates and is a highly rated choice. For only $65.99 a week, you can park in the uncovered lot at Sonesta Hotels and Resorts. Then a free shuttle will easily take you to the terrminals at ATL. 

  • Hours: 04:30AM - 2:30AM (the next day)
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min shuttle

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Peachy Airport Parking (Currently Unavailable)


Peachy Airport Parking ATL is one of the best car parks at Atlanta Airport. For just $67.95 you can park in the amazing facility which has handicap parking, an exterior fence, security cameras and even offers car washes. You can park indoors or outdoors and the shuttle will take you to and from the terminals with ease. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 2 min shuttle


Park and Ride Lots A & C ($80.00 for 1 Week)





These outdoor and uncovered parking lots are located southwest of the airport, off of Crosswind Road. Free shuttles transport travellers to the North and South sides of the Domestic Terminal. The shuttle drops off at curbside check-in and the return shuttle picks up passengers at ground transportation and returns them to their vehicles. Park and Ride rates are $3 per hour or $10 per day. 9 min shuttle to domestic terminal & 5 min to domestic terminal.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 -10 min shuttle


ATL Select ($80.00 for 1 Week)






ATL Select is a great choice for affordable parking at Atlanta Airport. For just $3.00/hour for the first three hours, and $10.00/day after three hours, you can park in this convenient car park which is located conveniently close to ATL Airport. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 9 min shuttle


International Park & Ride ($112.00 for 1 Week)


Located just off of Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Boulevard, the Park-Ride covered parking garage offers 2,400 parking spaces. A courtesy shuttle is available 24 hours per day to transport travellers to the departures level and pick up at the arrivals level. Electric vehicle charging stations are available. International Park and Ride rates are $3 per hour or $14 per day. 3 min shuttle to the international terminals

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 3 min shuttle


WallyPark ATL ($112.04 for 1 Week)





Located just 5 minutes from the curbside of the Atlanta Airport, WallyPark ATL offers convenient, efficient, and secure parking. The check-in agent gives clear directions on where to park, based on your reservation, and the shuttle is quick to pick you up at your car. The drivers assist with luggage to make the experience as smooth as possible. Shuttles depart every 5 minutes and drive you to the domestic terminal only (the airport has an international shuttle connector). 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 - 7 min shuttle

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Preflight Car Parking Atlanta ($115.48 for 1 Week)

Preflight Car Parking Atlanta





Preflight Parking ATL stands out for its exceptional parking rates that cater to travelers seeking budget-friendly options. Their commitment to affordability is combined with quality services, making them a top choice among travelers. Despite the affordability, their commitment to quality service remains unwavering. From secure parking facilities to 24/7 shuttle service, they ensure your experience is exceptional.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle

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Atlanta Airport Marriott Parking ($126.49 for 1 Week)

Atlanta Airport Marriott Parking





Atlanta Airport Marriott Parking offers a daily rate that's budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for short trips or quick getaways. Experience the convenience of parking near the airport without breaking the bank. Marriott Airport Parking ATL offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport terminals. Their prompt and reliable shuttle service adds to the convenience of your travel experience.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 4 min shuttle

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Economy Parking ATL ($128.00 for 1 Week)






The North and South Economy lots are situated next to the parking decks. A courtesy shuttle runs from 8:00 am to midnight, seven days a week to assist those with physical disabilities. As of Fall 2019, West Economy Parking Lot is closed and being replaced by a 4-star hotel plaza. Economy parking rates are $3 per hour or $14 per day. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min walk


Domestic Terminal Garage ATL ($288.00 for 1 Week)





The Domestic Terminal has two entrances – North and South. Check with your airlines to know the appropriate side where you should park. The North and South terminals each have hourly parking, daily parking, and economy parking. Park-Ride Lots A and C service both entrances via an airport transfer shuttle.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min walk


International Terminal Garage ATL ($288.00 for 1 Week)






The hourly parking deck is located directly in front of the terminal entrance. It has more than 1,100 parking spaces to accommodate international travelers. There are 14 EV charging stations and 14 carpool parking spaces. International hourly parking rates are $3 per hour for the first two hours, then $4 per hour for the next four hours, after six hours, the daily maximum of $36 is charged. Each additional day costs $36.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min walk


ATL West ($128.00 for 1 Week)





The two daily parking garages are located directly across from each terminal. There are four levels of covered and uncovered parking. This parking option is ideal for overnight parking. EV charging stations are available. The height restriction for the daily parking garages is 6’8”. Daily parking rates are $3 per hour or $19 per day.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min shuttle


ATL Curbside Valet ($166.49 for 1 Week)

Curbside valet atlanta airport

Atlanta Airport Valet parking is a great choice if you are looking for maximum comfort and you are willing to pay the higher fees. The car park offers car washes and EV charging and also has security cameras and an exterior fence so you can be sure that your vehicle is left in good hands!

  • Hours: 07:00 - 17:00
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min walk

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Short-Term Parking Rates at ATL

There are two hourly parking garages located closest to each terminal entrance. These covered parking garages are ideal for picking-up or dropping-off friends and family. There is also a cell phone lot located behind the South Terminal daily parking garage where you can wait for free. The clearance height of the parking garage is 6’8”. Hourly parking rates are $3 per hour for the first two hours, then $4 per hour for the next four hours, after 6 hours the daily maximum of $36 is charged.


Atlanta Airport Gold Reserve Parking Rates

Frequent travellers or business travellers may want to look into investing in the Gold Reserve parking program. Atlanta Airport recommends it for travellers parking at least 12 days per year. Gold Reserve parking is located on the ground level of the hourly parking garages, both Domestic and International. All parking spaces are covered to protect your car from the elements. The annual minimum usage fee is $408, which is charged annually and is non-refundable. Parking fees are $3 per hour with a maximum of $34 per day. Apply on the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport website.


Find ATL Parking Deals with Flyparks

Take advantage of the best Hartsfield parking rates by searching online, rather than paying more expensive drive-up rates. It has been shown that finding parking at least one week in advance affords the best rates for parking. Indeed, finding parking in advance is advantageous since Atlanta Airport parking rates vary according to supply and demand. 


While we’ve made every attempt to report on ATL Airport parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, the length of time that you intend on parking for, and service type. The rates quoted were accurate in January 2024. Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Atlanta Airport car parks with Flyparks. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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