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Cheap Newark Airport Parking: ParkFellows Top 3

Cheap Newark Airport Parking: ParkFellows Top 3

Budget travelers planning to drive to Newark Airport will be pleased to know that there are many options for cheap parking. We have listed the best, the closest, and the cheapest parking options for you to choose from on this guide. After checking the official airport rates and comparing them with off-site parking options, we have put together the ParkFellows Top 3 options for cheap Newark Airport parking.

Off-site parking provides the cheapest parking near Newark Airport with rates as low as $9.99 per day. The off-site options provide free shuttles and luggage assistance to get you to the terminals as quickly as possible. Covered parking will cost a little extra, but it may be worth it if you’re traveling for an extended period.

Take a look at the ParkFellows Top 3 list to find cheap EWR parking that is best for your trip:

Parking Facility Price Per Day Covered? Transit Type Distance
Park 2 Go Newark Uncovered $9.99 - Shuttle 4 Minutes
Park 2 Go Newark Covered $10.99 Shuttle 4 Minutes
Newark Long Term Parking Inc. $15.50 - Shuttle 5 Minutes


If you would like to know more information about any of the above parking facilities, then you can click on their names to access their provider page and find details on the opening hours, security features, and services. You can also read customer reviews and see photographs of the parking lot to know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

Each parking facility has a different way of calculating their parking rates. Some parking providers charge a flat daily rate, while others offer prorated rates based on the number of hours. Booking well in advance can often yield lower rates, so it pays to plan ahead. Get a free quote for your travel dates but using the search bar above. Our search tool will show you the best deals available for your trip.


Park 2 Go Newark (Uncovered) - $9.99 per day

For cheap parking Newark Airport, you can’t beat Park 2 Go Newark (Uncovered). At only $9.99 per day, the uncovered option at Park 2 Go Newark is the cheapest parking option you will find near EWR Airport. Quick shuttle transport and luggage assistance is included in the price, which makes Park2Go Newark a great deal.

Park 2 Go Newark secures its parking lot with uniformed staff members, security cameras, and a locked perimeter fence. They are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience.


Park 2 Go Newark (Covered) - $10.99 per day

Park 2 Go Newark (Covered) offers a great deal on covered parking near EWR Airport. The covered parking option at Park 2 Go Newark is only $7.00 more expensive per week. In addition to the top-notch security features, your car will be completely protected from the elements while you’re away.

Why leave your car exposed to the hot summer sun or have to dig it out from the winter snow when you could choose covered parking at Park 2 Go Newark? Compared to the cost of on-site airport parking, Park 2 Go Newark offers ultra-low rates for covered parking.


Newark Airport Long Term Parking Inc. - $15.50 per day

As a locally owned business for more than 30 years, Newark Airport Long Term Parking Inc. is an expert in efficient, reliable, and secure airport parking. Their parking area is completely secured by staff patrols and video surveillance. They also offer car washing services and electric vehicle charging for your convenience.

Newark Airport Long Term Parking Inc. offers a free 5-minute shuttle transfer to/from the EWR Airport terminals. Open 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, Newark Airport Long Term Parking Inc. is a great option if you want parking at EWR Airport cheap.


Find Cheap Newark Airport Parking with ParkFellows

You can make booking cheap airport parking Newark even easier with ParkFellows. Whether you are leaving for just a few days, or you need EWR long-term parking, we have you covered. Browse the selection of off-site Newark Airport parking facilities with our easy search tool. Just input your travel dates to get started.

Budget-minded travelers looking for cheap EWR Airport parking can find exactly what they are looking for on our platform. Filter the options based on prices, customer ratings, and transit times to find an ideal parking lot for your trip. ParkFellows makes it easy to check Newark Airport parking rates to find a great deal and book a spot in advance to guarantee availability upon arrival.


Prices are subject to change. This article was updated in September 2020.

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