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TOP 5: Cheap PHL Airport Parking

In order to make it easier for you to find a parking space at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), we have put together our top 5 list of cheapest parking options. We took into account the prices, distance, customer reviews, and services. Check out the options below to find low rates on PHL Airport parking. Discover the options for cheap Philadelphia Airport parking below:

Parking Facility Price Per Day Price Per Week Distance to the Airport
Wally Park PHL - Book Now! $9.47 $66.29 4 minutes
PHL Economy Parking $11.00 $77.00 6 minutes
Preflight Parking PHL $16.00 $80.00 6 minutes
The Parking Spot PHL $17.82 $89.79 7 minutes
Winner Airport Parking PHL $17.00 $125.00 10 minutes

The cheapest parking options at Philadelphia Airport are park and ride services. They provide free shuttles to transport quickly and easily to the airport terminal. If you want to park within walking distance, the rates are considerably more expensive. Check out our blog article on the PHL Airport Parking Rates to find more information.

Continue reading for a quick summary of these budget-parking parking facilities:


1. Wally Park PHL ($66.29 per week)

WallyPark at Philadelphia Airport costs $9.47 per day and $66.29 per week. It is number one on our cheap parking near Philadelphia Airport list because it is both the cheapest and the closest to the Philadelphia Airport terminals. Customers have consistently reviewed the parking lot very favorably and are impressed with the prompt shuttles. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible. The parking lot is paved, well-maintained, and well-lit. Surveillance cameras and a gated entrance provide further protection for your car. There is no height restriction at this parking lot, as long as the vehicle only takes up one parking spot. Book WallyPark Philadelphia to take advantage of discounted online rates and guarantee your parking spot when you arrive.


2. PHL Economy Lots ($77.00 per week)

The Economy Lots at Philadelphia Airport charge $11.00 per day and $77.00 per week. Economy Parking split into two parking lots - Red Lot and Blue Lot. The Red parking lot covers parking aisles A-M and the Blue parking lot covers parking aisles X-Y. There are two shuttles routes, so be sure to check where you parked so you don't get on the wrong shuttle. The ride to the airport terminals is only 6 minutes. The shuttles are wheelchair accessible. Credit, debit, and cash are accepted at this lot. This is an official Philadelphia Airport parking option and reservations cannot be made on our platform at this time. 

*The Economy Lot is temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 emergency.


3. Preflight Parking PHL ($80.00 per week)

Preflight parking at Philadelphia Airport charges $16.00 per day or $80.00 per week. Choose between indoor or outdoor parking. Your car is protected by 24-hour surveillance cameras and a gated entrance. Shuttles leave every 6-8 minutes from the parking lot. The shuttle driver will give you a red slip so you know where your car is located when you return. If you need a wheelchair-accessible shuttle, be sure to provide at least 24-hour notice. Preflight Parking is not available to book on our platform at the moment. 


4. The Parking Spot PHL ($89.79 per week)

The Parking Spot at Philadelphia Airport charges $17.82 per day or $89.79 per week, including all taxes and fees. When you arrive at the parking lot, you will choose to either valet or self-park your car. They offer outdoor and covered parking. You will be given a ticket with airport pick-up instructions for your return. The Parking Spot shuttle will pick you up directly at your car. The shuttles run every 5 to 7 minutes to transport passengers to and from the airport. Download the Parking Spot App to mark your parking space and track the location of the shuttles. Contact the parking lot directly to discuss wheelchair accommodations. Reservations at the Parking Spot cannot be made on our platform at this time.


5. Winner Airport Parking PHL ($125.00 per day)

Winner Airport Parking at Philadelphia Airport costs $17.00 per day or $125.00 per week, including taxes and airport fees. Although the daily rate is cheaper than the Parking Spot, the weekly rate turns out to be more expensive, which is why it is ranked number five on our Cheap PHL Parking list. The outdoor parking lot is patrolled by staff and protected by surveillance cameras. The standard package include a free PHL airport shuttle to transport you to and from the airport terminal. Upgrades are available if you want to save time. The White Glove Service option allows you to skip the shuttle ride back to the facility on your return. Instead, a valet will drive your car to the terminal and you can depart home directly from the airport. The Executive Club option allows you to skip the shuttle entirely. Valet professionals will meet you at the terminal curbside to pick up your car on your arrival and will be there again to drop off your car when you return. The height clearance of the garage is 8'7". If you need accommodations for a wheelchair, be sure to contact the parking lot before your arrival. Credit and debit are accepted, but cash is not permitted. It is not possible to book Winner Airport Parking on our platform at this time.


Book Discount Airport Parking with ParkFellows

Budget travelers seeking low rates for PHL Airport long term parking or PHL Airport short term parking should look no further than off-site parking lots. Off-site parking is affordable, convenient, and secure so you can relax on your trip knowing your car is in good hands. 

It's easy to secure a discount airport parking space with ParkFellows. Our secure online checkout process takes as little as two minutes - no account needed. Reserve your parking spot today by booking online and you will save up to 40% on the cost of airport parking, when compared to the cost of official on-site parking. 


Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Philadelphia International Airport parking facility with ParkFellows. We instead offer a range of alternative off-site parking options from private service providers. Rates were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change.

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