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Tips 20 Aug 2020

JFK Long Term Parking

JFK Long Term Parking

Are you flying from JFK Airport and looking for parking options for an extended period? JFK Airport long term parking can be found at Long Term Lot 9 as well as several other off-site parking lots. Both on-site and off-site parking lots are located within a couple of minutes from the airport. The off-site private providers offer affordable rates for long term parking with free shuttles to get you quickly to the airport.

Long term parking is more affordable than you might think. That’s why we carefully composed this guide to help you compare rates and services. Continue reading below to learn more about attractive deals and tips for long term stays.


How long can I park at JFK Airport?

Parking is permitted at the official JFK parking facilities for up to 30 days. If you wish to park for more than 30 days, please call (718) 244-4168 when you arrive. Otherwise, off-site parking lots do not have a time limit for parking. Your car will remain secured at the parking facility for the amount of time your parking space is reserved. Book in advance to find the best deals on JFK extended parking.


Parking Options

While it is possible to park in every on-site JFK parking garage for up to 30 days, these parking facilities are not recommended for long term parking due to the high parking fees. Check the JFK Parking Rates for more information. The following parking options offer secure parking and convenient shuttles at a great price ideal for extended stays.


Smart Park JFK has low rates for long term parking, starting from $9.48. When you enter the facility, an attendant will greet you and check you in. After giving them your keys, they will help you carry your luggage to one of the shuttles that will take you to your terminal. The shuttle service is on-demand. Call Smart Park and in a few minutes, a shuttle will be there to meet you. There is even a ‘bus tracking system’ that informs you where the shuttle is in real-time. The highlight of Smart Park is that there is a 5-hour grace period, so you won’t be charged extra in the event of flight delays. Your car’s safety is very important. That’s why Smart Park has a fence and an up-to-date surveillance technology to monitor the parking area 24/7.


Bolt Parking JFK is only 5 minutes from the airport, you can reserve a parking space at Bolt Parking JFK for $12.95 per day. The parking lot is open 24/7. After entering, give your keys to an attendant who will park your car. Your vehicle will be stored in the brightly lit facility, which has camera surveillance all day and night. Among the amenities are assistance with your luggage when boarding the shuttle, and snow removal in the winter. There is a 24/7 shuttle service from and to your terminal that runs every 20 minutes.


Park Plus JFK is another valet parking service with rates starting from $13.95/day. It is open 24/7 all year round. Your vehicle is in safe hands as the facility is fenced and staffed day and night, backed-up by camera surveillance. After parking your car, you will be assisted with your luggage to the next available shuttle. The shuttle service is free and on-demand, running every 5 minutes. There is also a Drop-Up Service, where a valet will drive you to your terminal in your car, return and park it to the Park Plus JFK Lot. When you arrive, they will come again to pick you up in your car. Other amenities include a car wash, in case you want to request one while you’re away. 


JFK Long Term Parking Lot 9 offers economy parking near the JFK terminals. Parking for 24 hours costs $18 and each 8hr period (after the first 24 hours) costs $6.00. It is an uncovered parking facility located off Lefferts Boulevard. The parking lot is very large, so there are shuttles that roam the parking area to transport travelers to the AirTrain. It is an 8-minute ride from the parking lot to the terminals. The AirTrain is free of charge to and from the Lefferts Boulevard station. However, if you board the AirTrain at Howard Beach station, then it will cost $7.75.


JFK Long Term Parking Inc. is within 5 minutes from the airport, JFK Long Term Parking Inc. offers valet services for $18.95 a day. If you park for seven days, you will get one day free of charge in your next booking with JFK Long Term Parking Inc. When you reach the facility, you’ll have to show your confirmation e-mail to an attendant. Park your vehicle, leave your car keys to a staff member, and board on a shuttle bus that will drive you to the airport free of charge. Assistance with your luggage is provided. Upon return, you’ll have to wait for the shuttle at the bus pick up point. The shuttle runs frequently, so you won’t have to wait long. Regarding security, the facility has CCTV, it’s gated and staffed 24/7. In the event of snowfall, the car park’s employees will remove the snow from your vehicle.


AirPark Kennedy is the closest parking lot to the JFK Airport terminals. It offers great value for long term parking at $18.95 per day. With over 25 years of serving the JFK area, AirPark Kennedy truly knows the meaning of great customer service. They will help you with your luggage, park your car for you, and get you to your terminal within minutes. The parking lot and shuttles operate 24/7, so you never have to worry about late or delayed flights. You can trust that your car will be in good hands while you are away.


Is EV Charging available?

EV charging is not available at JFK Long Term Lot 9. However, there are five EV charging stations in the Ground Level of the Yellow Lot, which is one of the short-term parking garages adjacent to Terminal 5. There is no fee charged for the electricity, only for the parking space you used, which you pay when you exit the lot. To make use of the charging station, you need either an RFID enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card. JFK Airport’s EV stations provide a high voltage (240V) that can charge a completely ‘empty’ vehicle to full capacity within 4-6 hours.


Long Term Parking Tips

Choosing a parking lot to leave your car for an extended period of time is a daunting task. Every vehicle owner who wishes to park for a longer-term in a parking facility on-site or off-site should consider a few handy tips first. 


Check prices: You need to know in advance the rates, additional costs, and any discounts. Our team at ParkFellows advises customers who want to park near JFK airport to book a parking space via the official private providers’ websites, which will save you time and money. 

Check Parking Availability: JFK is such a busy airport, so checking availability is crucial, especially if you’re heading there at the very last moment. It’s not feasible to reserve a spot online on the same day, but at least 24 hours before. For ongoing parking availability in JFK airport parking lots, it is best to call (347) 238-3231 for all parking inquiries or the toll-free (888) 250-8277 to contact the Parking Customer Service Manager during business hours.

Covered Parking: In the winter months, parking in an uncovered facility doesn’t sound ideal. Extreme weather conditions, like heavy snowfall, can leave your car frozen and buried under deep snow. Therefore, many customers prefer to pay more for a more pricey spot in one of the covered parking lots closer to the terminals or choose an off-site provider a few minutes far from the airport.

Security Measures: JFK official long-term parking facilities and private parking lots close to JFK reassure that your vehicle will be safe when parked in one of the airport’s parking facilities, as there is security surveillance 24/7/365. The lots are brightly lit all day and night, fenced, and cameras constantly monitor the vehicles. 

Remember where you parked: It happens more often than you think that people forget where they parked. And it’s quite normal for that to happen in the immense parking lots of JFK. If you booked online, keep the confirmation email because it includes all the information. Otherwise, when you have parked, take a picture of the ticket or even note down the specific garage, row, and the number of the location of your parked vehicle.


Book Your Parking Spot with ParkFellows

Parking at JFK can get pricey, especially during the peak holiday season. Undoubtedly, all the parking lots are conveniently close to the terminals, and the free AirTrain service can drop you off to your terminal or pick you up fast and easy. Since 2013, ParkFellows have worked hard to find affordable, safe, and trusted private parking providers near the airports. Use the ParkFellows platform today to compare prices and services of airport parking. Enter your travel dates, check the available providers, and book your parking spot without any delay. 


Prices are subject to change. This article was updated in August 2020. Please note that it is not possible to book at any of the official JFK Airport parking lots on our platform at this moment.

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