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Informative 13 Febr 2020

Milwaukee Airport Parking Fees

If you are flying from Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE), then it is a good idea to plan your airport parking in advance. There are 4 official MKE Airport parking options, along with several off-site parking options surrounding the area. Milwaukee Airport Parking rates range from $2 per hour and up to $24 per day. The best rates are offered by the off-site parking providers, which charge just $5.72 per day. Use the table and information below to compare rates, distance to the terminal, services, and availability. 


MKE Parking Rates

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Distance Type
WallyPark MKE $5.72 $40.02 5 Minutes Self-Park w/Shuttle
MKE Airport SuperSaver $8.00 $56.00 5 Minutes Self-Park w/Shuttle
Daily Parking Garage $14.00 $98.00 5 Minutes Park and Walk
MKE Surface Lot $15.00 $107.00 2 Minutes Park and Walk
Hourly Parking $24.00 $168.00 2 Minutes Park and Walk


WallyPark MKE (from $5.72 per week)

WallyPark Milwaukee is secured with CCTV cameras, a gated entrance, and a locked fence closing the perimeter. Parking attendants keep your car protected 24 hours a day. The parking lot is paved, well-lit, and well maintained. Shuttles arrive every 5 minutes to transport passengers within a few steps of the airport doors. Free luggage assistance and low rates make WallyPark a great alternative for families with young children, those with lots of luggage, or budget-conscious travelers. There are two options for WallyPark MKE Airport: self-parking and valet parking.

Wally park milwaukee self park uncovered

Wally Park Milwaukee (Self Park)

Wally Park MKE (Self Park) has the best long term parking rates at MKE Airport. Self-parking means you will park your own car and take your car keys with you when you depart. This is a good option for car owners uncomfortable with leaving their keys with the parking operator. The shuttle will meet you at your car when you arrive and drop you off next to your car when you return.

WallyPark MKE Uncovered Valet

Wally Park Milwaukee (Valet Parking)

As an alternative to self-parking, customers can choose to valet their vehicle at WallyPark Milwaukee. Valet parking is the fastest way to get to the airport. When you pull into the WallyPark lot, park at the front of the lot and a valet driver will load your luggage into the airport shuttle. As you head off to your flight, a team member will park your car for you. Upon your return, your car will be waiting for you at the front of the parking lot.


MKE Airport SuperSaver Lot ($8.00 per day)

Mitchell Airport's SuperSaver Lot is located 1.0 miles from the airport. It is an uncovered and paved parking lot. Free Milwaukee Airport shuttles run every 5-10 minutes and the journey to the airport takes about 5 minutes. The parking lot is open 24 hours every day, including public holidays. The SuperSaver Lot charges $2.00 per hour until the daily maximum of $8.00 per day. The cost for one week of parking is $56.00.

*The SuperSaver Lot is currently closed due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Milwaukee SuperSaver Lot Rates

Duration Cost
Per hour $2.00
1 Day $8.00
2 Days $16.00
One Week $56.00
Two Weeks $112.00


Daily Parking Garage ($14.00 per day)

The Daily Parking Garage at Mitchell Airport is a covered garage located within walking distance to the terminal. If you are parking for less than 24 hours, you can pay an hourly rate. After the first 24 hours, it will automatically start charging the maximum 24-hour rate for every day thereafter. It is a good option for visitors who need parking for more than five hours. Daily parking is available on every floor of the parking garage. The height restriction for the garage is 7'0". The parking garage is always open, even on public holidays. The Daily Garage charges $2.00 per hour up to a maximum of $14.00 per day.

MKE Daily Parking Garage Rates

Duration Cost
Per hour $2.00
1 Day $14.00
2 Days $28.00
One Week $98.00
Two Weeks $196.00


MKE Surface Lot ($15.00 per day)

The Surface Lot at Milwaukee Airport is a little bit closer to the airport terminal, which is why the Surface Lot is more expensive than the Daily Parking Garage. If you have a van or vehicle taller than 7'0", then you can park in the Surface Lot because there is no height restriction. The walk from the Surface Lot to Mitchell Airport will take about 5 minutes. There is no shuttle available for this parking lot. The Surface Lot is open 24-hours and 7 days a week. The Surface Lot is $2.00 per hour and charges a maximum of $15.00 per day.

*Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the Surface Lot is temporarily charging $8.00 per day.

Milwaukee Airport Surface Lot Rates

Duration Cost
Per hour $2.00
1 Day $15.00
2 Days $30.00
One Week $107.00
Two Weeks $210.00


Milwaukee Hourly Parking ($24.00 per day)

Hourly Parking at Milwaukee Airport is located on the third and fourth floors of the Daily Parking Garage. This option is convenient for short term parking, ideally less than five hours. The first 30 minutes of parking is free, which is useful if you are awaiting an arriving passenger or saying goodbye to a departing passenger. See the table below for the hourly rates at General Mitchell Airport. The height restriction of the garage is 7'0" and it is open around the clock. MKE Hourly parking is free for the first 30 minutes, then $2.00 for each hour, up to a maximum of $24 per day.

MKE Hourly Parking Rates

Duration Cost
0 - 30 Minutes Free
30 - 60 Minutes $2.00
1 - 2 Hours $4.00
2 - 3 Hours $6.00
Daily Maximum $24.00


Find the Best General Mitchell Airport Parking Rates

Reserving airport parking is not too dissimilar from purchasing airline tickets in advance. If you book well in advance, then you will have time to shop around for the cheapest parking at Milwaukee Airport. The most affordable parking spots tend to sell out quickly and you will have fewer choices to choose from if you decide to wait. 

It's easy to compare rates, customer ratings, shuttle times, and security features to find the parking option that suits you best. ParkFellows gathers all information in one place to help make your decision as easy as possible. It only takes five minutes to compare, book, and save on airport parking.

*Prices are subject to change. These rates were last updated in June 2020.

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