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Informative 30 June 2020

O'Hare Parking Rates

O'Hare Parking Rates

If you have ever left your car at O’Hare Airport, then it won’t come as a surprise to hear that Chicago O’Hare has the most expensive parking rates in America. As of January 1, 2020, Chicago O’Hare Airport increased their daily and hourly parking rates to surpass New York, Los Angeles, and Boston with the highest parking costs.

The good news is that not all the ORD parking options are so expensive. Between the economy lots and private parking providers, there are still plenty of parking lots with affordable ORD parking rates. When deciding where to park, it’s important to consider whether you will be traveling via the Domestic or the International Terminal because these terminals are 2 miles from each other.

There are four official, on-site parking facilities at O’Hare Airport, as well as three economy lots and other off-site parking providers located within a few miles of the airport. These facilities cover a wide range of needs and budgets to suit all travelers.  Regardless of whether you need short- or long-term parking, covered or uncovered, budget or premium, you will find the pricing information you need below.


O’Hare Long Term Parking Rates

If you are traveling for more than 24 hours, then it is recommended to choose an ORD Airport long term parking option, such as the Economy Lots or off-site parking providers, because they offer the most affordable rates. The Economy Parking Lots are located approximately 2 miles from the Domestic and International Terminals. Lot E is connected to the terminals via the Airport Transit System (ATS). Lot G has a courtesy shuttle that drives passengers to Lot E to ride the ATS. Lot F has a 24-hour shuttle that directly transports passengers to and from the terminals. There are also long-term, off-site parking facilities located nearby that provide free shuttle service to the Domestic and International Terminals. You can check how O’Hare parking prices for long-term bookings compare in the table below:

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Terminal Distance
Wally Park O'Hare $12.79 $89.53 Both 2 miles
Economy Lot G $15.00 $105.00 Both 2 miles
Economy Lot E $17.00 $119.00 Both 1.8 miles
Economy Lot F $22.00 $154.00 Both 2.5 miles
Daily Lots B & C $42.00 $294.00 Domestic 0.2 mile
Main Garage $42.00 $294.00 Domestic 0.1 mile
Valet Parking $64.00 $448.00 Domestic 0.1 mile
International Lot D $77.00 $539.00 International 0.1 mile

*These are the new Chicago O'Hare International Airport Rates as of January 1, 2020. 


O’Hare Short Term Parking Rates

The short term parking options around the O’Hare Airport are ideal for greeting arriving or dropping-off departing travelers. The hourly rates are similar between these various options, so the parking lot you select is largely dependent upon whether you need to access the Domestic or International Terminal. For domestic parking, your options are the Main Garage, Daily Lots B/C, and Valet Parking. For international parking, your only option within walking distance is International Lot D. You can also use the Economy Lots for either domestic or international parking.

Duration Daily Lots B/C Main Garage (Daily) Main Garage (Hourly) Valet Parking International Lot D
0 to 1 Hour $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $26.00 $3.00
1 to 2 Hours $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $26.00 $6.00
2 to 3 Hours $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $26.00 $10.00
3 to 4 Hours $14.00 $14.00 $14.00 $26.00 $14.00
4 to 8 Hours $24.00 $24.00 $36.00 $26.00 $36.00
8 to 24 Hours $42.00 $42.00 $77.00 $64.00 $77.00
One Week $294.00 $294.00 $539.00 $448.00 $539.00

Parking rates include taxes.


Walking Distance Options

There are four parking options within walking distance to the O'Hare Airport - Main Garage, Daily Lots B/C, International Lot D, and Valet Parking. Due to their close proximity, these facilities are much more expensive than the off-site parking options. Rates start at $3.00 per hour and range up to $77.00 per 24 hours (taxes included).

Main Garage ($42 per day)

The Main Garage (also referred to as Lot A) is located directly across from the Domestic Terminal and offers mostly covered parking. Hourly parking is located on Level 1 of the Main Garage and costs $3 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, up to $77 for 24 hours. Daily parking is located on Level 2-6 of the Main Garage and costs $42 per day and $294 for one week of parking.


Daily Parking Lot B & C ($42 per day)

The Daily Lots are located behind the Main Garage, just a 5-10 minute walk from the Domestic Terminal. The prices for the Daily Lots are the same as the Main Garage, even though these parking lots are uncovered. O’Hare Daily Lots charge $3 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, up to $42 per day. It costs $294 for one week of parking.


International Lot D ($77 per day)

ORD International Parking Lot D is a 5-minute walk from the International Terminal, and prices start at $3 for one hour, $6 for two hours, $10 for three hours, and up to $77 per day. This is the only parking option within walking distance to the International Terminal. If you need to park for more than 24 hours, it is highly recommended to park in long term parking to avoid paying the expensive O’Hare parking costs.


Valet Parking ($64 per day)

Valet parking costs $26 for up to 8 hours of parking and $64 for up to 24 hours of parking. Located in the main garage (Lot A), valet parking offers an ultra-convenient parking option. When you pull into the garage, follow signs for “Valet Parking” and drop your car off with the valet professionals. Valet parking is not available for the International Terminal.


Park and Ride Lots

There are three parking lots for O'Hare Economy parking as well as other off-site parking providers that offer the lowest rates at O'Hare Airport. These sites benefit from their off-airport location, so they are able to offer cheaper prices than the on-airport lots. Rates start from $12.79 per day and range up to $22 per day.


Economy Lot G ($15 per day)

O’Hare Parking Lot G costs $3.00 for the first hour of parking, then the daily maximum of $15.00 is charged. It is located 2 miles from the ORD Airport and offers outdoor, paved parking spaces for long term parking. Free shuttles pick up passengers and take them to Lot E to ride the ATS to the O’Hare terminals.


Economy Lot E ($17 per day)

O’Hare Parking Lot E charges $3 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, $14 for 4 hours, and $17 for 4-24 hours. Lot E is an uncovered parking lot with direct access to the ATS, which is why it is a little more expensive than Lot G.


Economy Lot F ($22 per day)

O’Hare Parking Lot F costs $3 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, $14 for 4 hours, then $22 for 4-24 hours. Located on floors 4 and 5 of the Multi-Modal Facility, Lot F is the only economy lot to offer covered parking. A 24-hour shuttle transports travelers between the ORD terminals and the Multi-Modal Facility. The bus will display a digital sign that reads, “Rental Cars / Parking Lot F.”


Wally Park Chicago ($12.79 per day)

WallyPark ORD charges $12.79 per day of parking, which is the cheapest parking at ORD. They even provide additional services like free luggage assistance, direct drop-off at the ORD terminals, and valet parking. Free shuttles run every 5 minutes and will take you directly outside the airport doors.


Reserved Parking Rates

Chicago O’Hare Airport offers the ability to reserve a parking spot in advance to guarantee an available space upon your arrival. The reserved parking area provides the most convenient access to the terminals, so you are just a few steps away from your terminal. The reserved parking spaces are located on Level 4 of the Main Garage (Lot A). Reservations can be made via the ORD Website from your computer or mobile device. The reservation fee is an extra $10 per day, per space. This does not include taxes, fees, and the cost of parking.

If you want to reserve a parking spot near the ORD Airport but you don’t want to pay such a high fee, ParkFellows is here to help! We offer the best rates at O’Hare and charge no additional reservation fees, so you can relax knowing you are receiving the best deal on your airport parking. To get a free quote for your exact travel dates, you can enter your details into the search bar above. We will show you all of the available parking options, which you can then filter by price, transit time, and customer rating. Booking online is simple and straightforward. You can secure your spot by credit card and then receive your confirmation via email moments later. Should you later need to amend your flight details, our customer service team is here to help.

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