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Informative 01 Nov 2019

SeaTac Parking Rates

SeaTac Airport parking rates are continuing to increase, especially around peak travel season. We know that it can be such a hassle to find a good deal for airport parking. That is why we have put together this simple guide that breaks down the benefits and costs of each option for SeaTac Airport parking. There are six different options that are suitable for all budgets. Whether you prefer covered or uncovered, valet or self-park, there is something for everyone.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) has one parking garage with an additional option for terminal direct parking. The expensive rates make this option most suitable for short term parking. Off-site parking will give you the biggest cost savings. Scroll down to find a short summary of each of the parking options. If you click on the names listed below, you will find more information about their opening hours, reviews, photographs, and security measures.

Check the table below to compare the Seattle Airport parking rates:

Parking Facility Price Per Day Covered? Type Distance from the Airport
Wally Park SeaTac Boysen - Book Now! $9.90 - Valet (with Shuttle) 3 Minutes
Wally Park SeaTac Garage (Rooftop) - Book Now! $10.45 - Self-Park 5 Minutes
Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage - Book Now! $11.55 Self-Park or Valet (with Shuttle) 5 Minutes
SeaTac Parking Garage $32.00 Park and Walk 2 Minutes
SeaTac Terminal Direct $39.00 Park and Walk 2 Minutes

*Prices are subject to change. Rates were last updated February 2020


For Long Term Parking SeaTac

If you will be going on vacation for three days or more, then it is a good idea to compare airport parking to find the lowest SeaTac parking rates. The off-site parking options will save you at least 50% on the rates charged by the official SeaTac Parking Garage. The lowest rates for long term parking are at Wally Park SeaTac, which starts from $9.90 per day. The lowest rate for covered long term parking starts at $11.55 per day.

Wally Park Seattle Boysen Uncovered

Wally Park Seattle Boysen ($9.90 per day)

WallyPark Seattle Boysen has the lowest SeaTac parking cost. It is an outdoor valet parking lot situated across the street from Sea-Tac airport. It takes less than five minutes for the shuttle to arrive at the terminals. When you pull into the parking lot, you will hand over your keys to the WallyPark valet and you will board the airport shuttle. The valet will park your car for you, saving you time and energy. When you return, the shuttle will bring you back to the Boysen parking lot where your car will be waiting for you. You will be on your way home just 10 minutes after the baggage claim.

» Book now for Wally Park Sea-Tac Boysen


WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage Rooftop Uncovered

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Rooftop ($10.45 per day)

The Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage has three parking options - uncovered rooftop, self-park, and valet. Parking on the rooftop at WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage has the lowest rates at the parking garage. If you choose to do rooftop parking, then when you arrive, you will drive up to the top and park your car, keeping your car keys with you. 

» Book now for rooftop parking at Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage


Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park Covered

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage Self Park ($11.55 per day)

If you want your car to be covered while you are on vacation, then you have the choice to either self-park or valet your car. Self-parking at WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage means you will choose your own parking spot and keep your car keys with you. The Premier Garage is located just 5 minutes away from the terminal. A WallyPark shuttle will arrive within 5 minutes of your arrival.

» Book now for self-parking at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage


Wally Park SeaTac Premier Garage Covered Valet

Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage ($12.65 per day)

The other option for parking at the WallyPark Seattle Premier Garage is the valet parking option. Valet parking at WallyPark Premier Garage is a great benefit because you do not need to search for your own parking spot. A professional valet will help you with your luggage, get you on a shuttle, and park your car for you. This is especially helpful during the peak travel season. While this is the most expensive Wally Park option, it is still 50% cheaper than the on-site parking garage at Seattle Airport.

» Book now for valet parking at Wally Park Seattle Premier Garage



For Official Seattle-Tacoma Airport Parking Options


Official Airport parking

SEATAC General Parking Garage (from $32.00 per day)

The SEATAC Parking Garage rates are very high for long term parking. You will pay over two times more than you would with WallyPark Malmberg. The benefit of parking on-site at the Seattle Airport is that you do not have to wait for a shuttle to the terminal. However, you will have to find your own parking spot and then walk with your luggage to the terminal. ParkFellows does not currently offer this option to book online.


Official Airport parking

SEATAC Terminal Direct (from $39.00 per day)

The fourth floor of the SEATAC Parking Garage has a skybridge to the Main Terminal, so this is the shortest route from car to plane. It is also the most expensive option and reservations are not accepted. If you do not care about  Seattle Airport parking fees, then this is a good option for getting to the airport as quickly as possible. ParkFellows does not currently offer this parking option to book online.




Book in advance to save on Sea-Tac Parking Rates

Parking rates will rise due to holidays and during the vacation season. The higher demand means that parking spots will be limited and parking may be sold out. Avoid the stress of searching for a parking spot or paying more than desired by reserving your parking spot in advance online with ParkFellows.  

There are so many options for Sea-Tac parking that it can be overwhelming to try and compare the prices and benefits on your own. That is why ParkFellows is here to simplify the process. You can easily search all of the available parking operators to see how much is parking at SEATAC. Then, select your parking preferences to narrow down your search. You can even check the photos, reviews, and security measures. ParkFellows makes it easy to book online and get the best deal.

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