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San Diego Airport Long Term Parking

The Long Term Harbor Lot, as well as other off-site parking lots, are ideal for SAN long term parking. They offer low daily rates, secure parking, and quick shuttle service to the airport. If you need to leave your car at the airport overnight, then it’s best to choose a trusted long term parking option. Check out our guide to compare options for long term parking near San Diego Airport to find the best one for you.


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Providers at San Diego Airport (SAN)

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Parking types at San Diego Airport (SAN)

Park and Ride Park and Ride You will drive your car directly to the reserved parking lot, usually located a few miles from the airport. A complimentary shuttle will drop-off and pick-up directly curbside at your terminal. Some parking operators will have an on-demand shuttle and others will have a shuttle that runs at regular intervals. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.
Park and Walk Park and Walk These parking garages or parking lots are located very close to the terminal so there is no shuttle needed. You simply park your car and walk to the terminal with your luggage.
Valet Parking Valet Parking Valet parking allows you to drop-off your car directly at the terminal. You do not have to wait for a shuttle, find a parking spot, or walk far with your luggage. Your car will be ready for you outside of baggage claim upon your return.
Parking providers on San Diego Airport (SAN) are rated with a 9.9 on average Customers that booked through us rate the providers with a 9.9/10, based on 8 ratings.

How Long Can I Leave My Car at the Airport?

You can leave your car at the San Diego Airport for up to 60 days. After 60 days, your car will be towed. If you need to park longer, then you should reserve a parking spot with an off-site parking company, like WallyPark San Diego. As long as you reserve the dates in advance, there is no time limit. Your car will remain safe while you are away.


Important Things to Consider

When leaving your car for an extended period of time, it’s important to consider a number of factors to ensure your vehicle is secured in your absence. Conduct thorough research on the parking options, so you can book confidently and have peace of mind on vacation. Carefully consider the following factors:

Covered or Uncovered Parking: Leaving your vehicle uncovered for several days can pose a threat. In a covered parking garage, your car is protected from wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. It will also keep the exterior of the car looking pristine.

Security Measures: Check the security measures of the parking lot where you plan to park. Does it have camera surveillance or security guards? Is there a locked perimeter fence and a gated entrance? These security features discourage vandalism and theft at the parking lot.

Give Keys or Keep Keys: This option is truly a matter of preference. Some people like to hold onto their car keys, while others are anxious about losing their keys on vacation. Self-park options allow you to keep your car keys, while valet parking means that your keys are securely stored on site.


Long Term Parking Options

The LongTerm Lot is the official San Diego Airport shuttle lot located on Harbor Drive. It is a low-priced, budget option located 5 minutes from the terminals. The parking area is uncovered, paved, and well-lit. Shuttles operate every 15-20 minutes to transport passengers between the parking lot and the airport.

WallyPark San Diego is an off-site parking garage located 7 minutes from the airport. It offers covered parking to protect your car from the elements. Courtesy shuttles run every 5 minutes, providing quick and easy transport to and from the terminals. The parking garage is secured by CCTV, 24-hour attendants, and a gated entrance so that your car is fully guarded while you are away. You can choose to either self-park or valet your car at WallyPark San Diego.


On-Airport Parking Options

San Diego Airport has four on-site parking options within walking distance to the terminals – Terminals 1 & 2 Parking Lots, Terminal 2 Plaza, and Valet Parking. If you plan to leave your car for several days, then the prices for these options can be prohibitive. We wanted to include them in this article for you to compare to the above long term parking options. For more information on hourly and daily parking rates, read our article on the SAN Airport parking rates.

Terminal 1 & 2 Parking Lots: These uncovered parking lots are within a 5-minute walking distance to their respective terminals. Airport security regularly patrols the area. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Terminal 2 Parking Plaza: The newest addition to the San Diego Airport is three stories tall and provides covered parking near Terminal 2. A covered walkway gives easy access from the parking garage to the airline check-in area. EV charging stations are also available.

Valet Parking is the most expensive option for parking, but it offers convenient parking just steps from the airport entrance. The valet kiosks are located just outside each terminal. Just pull up, drop-off, and go. When you return, your car will be waiting for you.


Long Term Parking Tips

  • Reserve your parking spot in advance. By securing your parking spot in advance, you can find a great deal and avoid wasting time looking for an open spot. Don’t get stuck parking at an overpriced parking facility.
  • Check your terminal. Before you leave home, check the terminal and gate number for your flight. This way, you can park closest to your airline check-in counter. Check out the airport map below to familiarize yourself with the layout of the San Diego Airport.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. However, take into consideration the time spent looking for an available parking spot if you haven’t booked your parking space in advance.


San Diego Airport Parking Map

Check the San Diego Airport map below for more information on the location of the parking lots relative to the terminals:

San Diego Airport Parking Map



Book Affordable Long Term Parking

Compare the most affordable options by reading our top 5 Cheap San Diego Airport parking options. Then, save money on San Diego International Airport long term parking by booking online today.  We offer discounted long term parking for San Diego Airport at covered, indoor, and outdoor parking lots. Our fast reservation system means you can quickly and conveniently secure your parking spot in under 5 minutes.

You will not find better prices for San Diego Airport overnight parking anywhere else! After your reservation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Bring this with you either digitally or printed to the parking lot on the day of travel. Enjoy your trip!

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