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Informative 25 Sept 2020

Cleveland Airport Parking Rates

Cleveland Airport Parking Rates

If you plan to drive to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), then check out the Cleveland Airport parking rates to find an option that fits within your budget. Choose from covered or uncovered, self-park or valet, and on-site or off-site parking lots. 

In this article, we have calculated the cost of parking at Cleveland Airport for all the major parking options to help you narrow down your choices. While on-site parking garages are the closest to the terminal, this convenience comes at a high price. Travelers who don't want to pay top dollar should consider off-site parking lots to save money. Continue reading to compare the top CLE parking options and find the best one for your upcoming trip.

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Type of Parking Distance
Park ‘N Fly Cleveland $6.95 $48.65 Shuttle 0.7 miles
Brown Lot* $11.00 $77.00 Shuttle 1.1 miles
Orange Lot $15.00 $105.00 Park and Walk 0.3 miles
Blue Lot $16.00 $112.00 Park and Walk 0.3 miles
Red Lot $18.00 $126.00 Park and Walk 0.3 miles
CLE Smart Parking Garage $20.00 $140.00 Park and Walk 0.1 miles
Curbside Valet* $30.00 $210.00 Valet 0 miles

*Temporarily closed due to COVID-19


Park ‘N Fly Cleveland ($6.68/day)

Park n Fly Cleveland offers the best deals on CLE parking rates with prices from $6.68 per day or $46.78 per week. This price includes free shuttle service, luggage assistance, and a car wash. The parking facility is located just 0.7 miles from the Cleveland Airport, so the shuttle only takes 2 minutes. Park and Fly CLE is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with shuttles that run in 5-minute intervals. The parking lot is secured with surveillance cameras, a gated entrance, and a perimeter fence so your vehicle is protected at all times.


Cleveland Airport Brown Lot ($11/day)

*Brown Lot is currently closed until further notice

The Cleveland Airport Brown Lot is an economy lot located about 1.1 miles from the airport. Free shuttles transport passengers every 15 minutes to and from the Ground Transportation Center. It is open 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. The Brown Lot costs $11 per day and $77 per week. Cash and credit card payments are accepted, but reservations are not possible. If you are looking for cheap parking near CLE, then you can always make a reservation with Park and Fly.


Cleveland Airport Orange Lot ($15/day)

The CLE Orange Lot is an uncovered surface lot located behind the CLE Smart Parking Garage. Rates for the Orange Lot are $15 per day and $105 per week. To enter the facility, you will need to insert a credit card in the automated machine.and use the same credit card to pay the fees when you exit. The Orange Lot only accepts credit cards. It is open 24/7, including holidays.


Cleveland Airport Blue Lot ($16/day)

The Blue Lot is a covered parking facility within walking distance to the terminals. Parking rates for the Blue Lot are $16 per day and $112 per week. It is a credit card only facility. Insert your credit card at the gate when you enter, and insert the same card to pay the fee when you leave. Signs in the parking facility will direct you to the terminal walkways. The parking lot and your vehicle are accessible 24/7, including holidays.


Cleveland Airport Red Lot ($18/day)

The Red Lot is a covered parking facility adjacent to the Blue Lot. The cost to park at the Red Lot is $18 per day and $126 per week. The Red Lot only accepts credit card payments. For the barrier entry gate to open, you must insert a credit card. Upon exit, you will be asked to insert the same credit card to pay. The Red Lot never closes and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


CLE Smart Parking Garage ($20/day)

CLE Smart Parking Garage is a multi-level facility with covered parking. The garage uses electronic signage and LED lights to point drivers to open parking spaces. It's attached to the terminal building via walkways on Levels 1 and 3. The CLE Smart Parking Garage costs $20 per day or $5.00 per hour for the first three hours. Parking for one week costs $140. Only credit cards are accepted. The parking garage is always open, for your convenience. 

CLE Smart Parking Garage Rates
1 Hour $5.00
2 Hours $10.00
3 Hours $15.00
Daily Maximum $20.00


Curbside Valet ($30/day)

*Valet is currently closed until further notice.

Cleveland Airport Valet Parking is the most convenient service you can get for on-site airport parking. Drop your car off on the upper roadway by Door 1 and a professional valet will park your car in covered parking on your behalf. When you return, your car will be easily accessible at the curbside of the terminal. However, this convenience of this service makes it the most expensive parking option. Curbside Valet rates start at $9 for the first 30 minutes, $12 for 1 hour, $15 for 3 hours, and $30 per day. The cost for a week of parking is $210.00. Valet parking is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for your convenience. 

Curbside Valet Rates
0 - 30 Minutes $9.00
1 Hour $12.00
3 Hours $15.00
Daily Maximum $30.00

Find the Best Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking Rates with ParkFellows

As demonstrated above, the Cleveland Airport parking prices increase the closer you get to the terminals. If you are looking to park long term at Cleveland Airport, then your best option is to book online with an off-site parking provider.

With ParkFellows, you have access to low rates from the most trusted off-site parking facilities. Put your travel dates in the search bar above to compare all the available options. Compare prices, customer ratings, and extra amenities. Select your favorite option and you can conveniently book using our fast online reservations system. The whole process takes less than three minutes - no account required. Once you complete your order, you are ready to drive stress-free to the airport.


*All rates are subject to change. Last updated in September 2020.

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