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Informative 19 Febr 2020

Orlando Airport Parking Rates

Orlando Airport Parking Rates

Orlando International Airport (MCO) has five on-site parking structures that provide both short and long term parking. MCO parking rates start at $10 for economy parking and range up to $28.76 for valet parking.

We put together this helpful guide to give you a quick overview of the cost to park at Orlando Airport, which includes short- and long-term options, on-site and off-site locations, covered and open-air parking facilities.

If you are looking for the cheapest parking at MCO, then consider parking with an off-site parking provider. They provide the lowest rates, starting from just $6.55 per day. Check out the table below for an overview of the parking rates:

Parking Facility Daily Rate 5 Days Transfer Time Parking Type
Wally Park Orlando - Book Now! $6.55 $47.87 5 Minutes Self-Park (Shuttle)
MCO Economy Parking $10.00 $50.00 5 Minutes Self-Park (Shuttle)
MCO Parking Garage C $17.00 $85.00 3.5 Minutes Self-Park (Monorail)
MCO Parking Garages A & B $19.00 $95.00 2 - 3 Minutes Park and Walk
Hyatt Valet Parking $25.00 $125.00 0 Minutes Curbside Valet
Orlando Airport Valet Parking $28.76 $143.80 0 Minutes Curbside Valet

Wally Park Orlando (price from $6.55 per day)

Wally Park Orlando Logo

WallyPark MCO charges $6.55 per day of parking and is located within a 5-minute shuttle ride to the Orlando Airport. Compared to the on-site parking garages, you can save 50% by parking with WallyPark Orlando.  If you are looking for an affordable, secure, and convenient way to park, then WallyPark is the answer. WallyPark is the most trusted name in off-site parking, with parking facilities in multiple locations across the USA, friendly staff, and great customer reviews. Consider the benefits of parking with WallyPark MCO:

  • Frequent shuttles every 5 minutes
  • Secured by CCTV and 24h surveillance
  • Free coffee, bottled water, and newspapers


MCO North & South Economy Lots (price from $10 per day)

Orlando Airport provides two economy lots (North and South) located 2 miles from the entrance to the airport. MCO Economy parking is free for the first ten minutes, $5.00 for 3 hours of parking, and  $10.00 for an entire day of parking. The uncovered parking lot is regularly patrolled by airport security. Free shuttle service is available at both parking lots, with shuttles arriving every 10 minutes. Be aware that reviews have suggested the shuttles do not always arrive on time.

Orlando Airport Economy Parking Rates

Duration Price
0 - 10 Minutes Free
11 Minutes - 3 Hours $5.00
Daily Maximum $10.00


MCO Parking Garage C (price from $17.00 per day)

Parking Garage C at MCO Airport is free for the first 20 minutes of parking and each additional 15 minutes is $1.00, up to a daily maximum price of $17.00. It is located more than a mile away from the Orlando Airport and is connected via an Automated People Mover (monorail). It takes approximately 10 minutes to park at Garage C and make your way into the Main Terminal. Signs for the garage are not easily noticeable when driving onto MCO property. Keep an eye out for a blue sign marked with the letter “C.”

Orlando Airport Parking Garage C Rates

Duration Price
0 - 20 Minutes Free
Each Additional 15 Minutes + $1.00
Daily Maximum $17.00


MCO Parking Garage A/B and Terminal Top Parking (price from $19.00 per day)

MCO Parking Garages A/B are located on either side of the airport, associated with Terminal A and Terminal B. Orlando Airport Terminal Top parking lies directly on top of the Main Terminal and connects these two parking garages. Parking is free for the first 20 minutes, then charges $2.00 for 30 minutes and each additional 15 minutes adds $1.00, up to a daily maximum rate of $19.00. Please note that these garages are known to be busy and crowded. Multiple levels of the parking garages are typically marked with a sign displaying, “full.” Most spaces are covered, except for the rooftop parking area.

Orlando Airport Parking Garage Rates

Duration Price
0 - 20 Minutes Free
21 - 30 Minutes $2.00
Each Additional 15 Minutes + $1.00
Daily Maximum $19.00


Hyatt Valet Parking (price from $25.00 per day)

Hyatt Valet Parking is available at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. It costs $4.00 for the first 20 minutes of parking, then $1.00 for each additional 20 minutes, up to a maximum of 3 hours. The daily rate is $25.00 for 24-hours of parking. All parking spaces are covered. Electric charging stations and car detailing services are also available. Hyatt Valet parking is open 24 hours.

MCO Hyatt Valet Parking

Duration Price
0 - 20 Minutes $4.00
Each Additional 20 Minutes +$1.00
Daily Maximum $25.00


MCO Valet Parking (price from $28.76 per day)

Orlando Airport valet parking is exceedingly convenient for hurried travelers. The price reflects its premium value. Valet parking is $9.59 for 1 hour, $19.18 for 2 hours, and $28.76 for the whole day. Visitors will find the valet kiosk at the Departing level of both A-side and B-side of the Main terminal. Complimentary curbside check-in is available for passengers on Alaska Air, American Airlines, United, and Us Airways. These passengers do not need to wait in line at the counter when valet parking their car at the Orlando Airport. Your car will be parked in a covered parking garage. Valet parking is only open from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Orlando Airport Valet Parking Rates

Duration Price
1 Hour $9.59
2 Hours $19.18
Daily Maximum $28.76


Secure Your Parking Spot at Orlando Airport

As a major tourist destination, Orlando Airport is always going to be crowded. The parking garages around Orlando Airport will fill up around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Alternative lots will be available in case the parking garages are at capacity, but you might need to drive around for quite a while to find a parking spot. The parking fees are also subject to increase during the holidays. The best solution is to book in advance with an off-airport parking provider with a dependable shuttle service. It's a major benefit to be able to reserve online and relax knowing your parking spot is waiting for you before you leave home. Compare the rates for MCO parking with ParkFellows and choose the option that is best for your travel dates.


* Prices are subject to change. Prices were last updated in June 2020.

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