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O'Hare Long Term ParkingO'Hare Airport Parking Map

Economy Lots E, F, and G (along with many other privately-owned parking lots) are the most convenient and affordable options for ORD long term parking. They are located within a couple of miles of the airport, service both the Domestic and International Terminals, and provide free shuttle service to get you there quickly. 

This guide is designed to help you compare rates, services, and security measures to help you choose the best option for extended stays. Whether you are parking for a few days, a week, or a month, long term parking at O'Hare doesn't have to break the bank.

Compare the rates, shuttle frequency, and distances for the best O'Hare long term parking options in the table below:


Parking Facility Price Per Day Shuttle Frequency Distance from the Airport
Wally Park Chicago - Book Now! $12.79 5 minutes 2.0 miles
Economy Parking Lot G $15.00 15 minutes 2.0 miles
Economy Parking Lot E $17.00 15 minutes 1.8 miles
Economy Parking Lot F $22.00 15 minutes 2.5 miles
O'Hare Daily Lots B & C $42.00 - 0.2 mile
O’Hare Domestic Terminal Parking Garage $42.00 - 0.1 mile
International Terminal Lot D $77.00 - 0.1 mile


Best Options for Long Term Parking near O'Hare Airport

Drivers planning to leave their car for an extended period of time will be pleased to know there are plenty of options for cheap ORD parking. Off-site parking at WallyPark Chicago and the ORD Economy Lots provide the best services and rates for long term parking.

WallyPark Chicago O'Hare is located 2.0 miles from the airport and services both Domestic and International terminals. When you make an advanced online reservation, they will know your arrival time so a shuttle will be ready and waiting for you. WallyPark shuttles arrive every 5 minutes to pick up passengers from the airport.

Economy Lot G offers the lowest rates of the ORD Economy Lots. The parking lot is uncovered, paved, and well-maintained. Shuttles arrive every 15 minutes to transfer travelers between the parking lot and the terminals. When the new automated transit system is completed in 2020, then shuttles will drive passengers to Lot E, where they will board the tram to the terminals.

Economy Lot E is the closest economy lot to the airport. It is a paved, outdoor parking lot. When the new tram system is completed, this parking lot will have direct access to the terminals, so a shuttle will not be needed.

Economy Lot F is the only covered parking option for long term parking at ORD. It is located on floors 4 and 5 of the Multi-Modal Facility, which is the same building as the rental car companies. Travelers will catch the shuttle from the ground level of the parking structure. The height clearance for the garage is 8'2".


Comparing Off-site vs. Economy Parking

You may be wondering what is the better option for long term parking: off-site parking or economy parking? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on what factors matter the most to you.

Comfort: WallyPark ORD provides valet parking so you don't have to worry about finding a parking space and walking across a large parking lot to catch the shuttle. You will simply drop off and pick up your car at the front of the parking lot. Also, shuttles are more frequent with WallyPark, which means less waiting time. Economy Lot F is likewise a comfortable option because it offers covered parking, which is attractive for long term parking.

Distance: All options are about the same distance away from the airport. Economy Lot E is technically the closest to the airport by approximately 0.2 miles. 

Price: WallyPark offers the most competitive prices for long term parking compared to the economy lots. The price is only a few dollars difference per day, although this adds up over time.


On-Airport Parking Options

Chicago O'Hare Airport has four parking systems on airport property within walking distance to the terminals - Daily Lots B & C, Main Garage, and the International Lot D. Unfortunately, the prices are more than 3 times as expensive as off-site parking. If you are traveling for more than a few days, it is not recommended to park at one of these facilities. Still, we have included information about these options in case you are considering them. For more information on the hourly and daily rates, read our article on O'Hare parking prices.

Daily Lots B & C are paved and uncovered parking lots located adjacent to the Main Garage. Cash, debit and credit cards accepted. Reservations for the daily lots are not possible. The walk to the Domestic Terminal is just a few short minutes.

Main Garage is a covered, 6-story parking garage located adjacent to the Domestic Terminal. Hourly Parking is available on Level 1 and Daily Parking is available on Levels 2-6. Cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted.

International Lot D is the only parking lot within walking distance to the International Terminal. Lot D has the same rates as hourly parking at the Main Garage, so it is not ideal for overnight parking. Lot D is best suited for picking up and dropping off travelers departing from the International Terminal. 


O'Hare Parking Map

View the ORD parking map below to see the layout of the airport and the distance to the economy and off-site parking lots. As you can see, the International Terminal is approximately 2.0 miles from the Domestic Terminal, so be sure to check beforehand from which terminal you are departing.

O'Hare Airport Parking Map


ORD Airport Long Term Parking Made Easy

ParkFellows has been working since 2013 to find the best rates at the most reliable parking facilities. We want our customers to feel comfortable leaving their car for an extended period of time, knowing that their car is in good hands. As you start searching for the best long term parking options around O'Hare Airport, start by comparing prices, then checking security measures, and lastly reading customer reviews. These three things can make a huge difference in your parking experience. Compare ORD parking by using our search engine tool above and start saving today.


Rates and availability are subject to change. This blog post was last updated in June 2020.


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