How Do I Check My Flight Status?


Are you departing soon or planning to pick up a loved one from the airport? Then it is important to check the flight status of your airline before you leave home. Most airlines have an online flight status tracker that makes it easy to look up any potential delays or cancellations.

If your flight is scheduled to depart within 7 days, then the airlines are required to update passengers within 30 minutes of becoming aware of the status change. The flight status will be updated on the airline’s website and via their telephone reservation system. When a flight is delayed for more than 30 minutes, the airline will update all flight status displays around the airport.

We put together this helpful guide to give you the best resources for finding the most up-to-date information about your flight status. Although unforeseen situations can arise, it always helps to be prepared.


Flight Delays and Cancellations

It is important for travellers to understand that airlines in the United States do not guarantee their timetables. There are situations that can – and often – arise that make it difficult for flights to depart on time. These issues are hard to predict and are usually outside of the airline's control (e.g., bad weather, mechanical issues, and air traffic delays).

According to U.S. law, airlines are not required to compensate passengers when a flight is delayed or canceled. However, if a flight is oversold causing certain passengers to be “bumped,” then they are entitled to compensation.

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, each airline has its own individual policy about the compensation you should receive. While some airlines will cover the cost of a hotel room and meals for a long delay, other airlines do not provide such amenities. Check the airline policy before booking so you can be prepared. We have covered the flight delay and cancellation policies of many popular airlines below.


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Delta Flight Status

Check a Delta Airlines flight status on the airline’s website using a mobile phone or desktop computer. If you know the route information or flight number, then you can access the Delta flight tracker tool to find up-to-date information on your flight. Once you input your information, then you can sign up to receive notifications on the flight by clicking, “Get Notifications.” Opt to receive notifications via email or text message on the departure and/or the arrival times of the flight. When you are looking at the flight information, remember that all dates and times use the local time zone for the airport. Gates and times are always subject to change, so Delta recommends to check the airport monitors for the most current information.

Delta Air Lines consistently records good success rates for on-time arrivals, usually reporting around 86% of flights arrived on time. It is also one of the least likely airlines to cancel flights, so you can be fairly confident when booking with Delta that your flight will proceed as scheduled. If your flight is cancelled, delayed more than 120 minutes, changed from Delta mainline to a Delta Connections carrier, or altered from a non-stop flight to a connecting flight, then you may be entitled to a refund.


American Airlines Flight Status

Access the AA flight status tool to check for flight delays or cancellations, find the terminal, gate, and baggage claim numbers, and set up alerts for the flight. Receive departure reminders and arrival updates either to your email or by text message.

American Airlines recorded 78% of on-time arrivals in 2019, which is below the national average. They were among the top three airlines with the most cancellations, with 2.5% of its flights cancelled. If your flight scheduled is altered by more than 60 minutes or if they change the flight from a non-stop to a connecting flight, then you might be eligible for a refund in the form of a voucher.


Southwest Flight Status

It is possible to check Southwest Airlines flight status on their website, using their flight status tool. You can search for your flight by route or by flight number. Their tool lists important information such as gate number, aircraft type, and scheduled times. You can also download their mobile app to look up your flight status, check-in, or change your travel plans.

Last year, Southwest cancelled 2.5% of its flights, one of the nation’s highest averages. They also reported an on-time performance of only 78.8%. If you need to change or cancel your flight for any reason, Southwest Airlines offers extremely lenient policies compared to other airlines. Passengers can cancel their flight up to ten minutes before departure for a refund or travel credit.


United Flight Status

As United has one of the highest rates for delayed flights, it is important to check your flight information before you leave. Confirm your United Airlines flight status online by visiting their website. The check flight status tool allows you to search by route or flight number. Check your gate number, aircraft details, the status of your departure, and the estimated arrival time of your flight.

If there is a schedule change that affects your itinerary, then United will notify you by email. If you booked through a travel agency, travel website, or any other source, then they are responsible for notifying you of the schedule changes. Most flight changes are minor, but if there are significant changes, then it might be possible to rebook or refund. United will try to accommodate your needs and provide alternative flights if available.

United Airlines updates its flight status tool regularly, but they say it is always possible that a flight marked “delayed” could still depart on time. Unless a flight has been cancelled, it’s recommended to still check-in at the originally scheduled departure time for your flight.


JetBlue Flight Status

Jet Blue maintains its own flight tracker tool to receive updated information about flight times, estimated arrivals, and potential schedule changes. Use either your route information or flight number to check your Jet Blue flight status. If the status of your flight changes, then JetBlue will automatically email you, so we advise you to use an active email address when booking your flight tickets. You can also receive flight status alerts by downloading the JetBlue mobile app onto your phone.

In case your flight is delayed, it is important to still arrive at the airport at the scheduled departure time. Weather conditions could improve or situations could change that makes it possible for the flight to leave when it is scheduled. If your flight experiences a departure delay, an onboard ground delay, or cancellation, then you are entitled to compensation. Contact JetBlue for more information.


Frontier Flight Status

Last year, Frontier Airlines was the least punctual airline, with an on-time arrival rate of only 74.4 percent. For this reason, we recommend checking your Frontier Airlines flight status before you arrive at the airport. You should automatically receive flight status updates to the email that you used for booking, but you can also use their simple flight tracker tool to instantly access schedule and flight details. This helps you track any delays, cancellations, or diversions.

If your flight is cancelled due to an issue within Frontier’s control (such as mechanical issues or delayed baggage), then Frontier will search for an alternative means to get you to your destination with as little interruption as possible. If the flight is delayed due to circumstances outside of Frontier’s control, then you will not receive compensation beyond the re-accommodation on the next available Frontier flight. If your flight is cancelled, then you may be eligible for a refund, upon request.


Alaska Airlines Flight Status

Check your Alaska flight status easily with their flight status tool. Select the departure date and provide either the flight number or route information. It will show all information related to departure and arrival times. Create flight notifications if you would like to be alerted in case of delays or cancellations. You can also download the Alaska Airlines app to check-in for your trip, make changes, track your flight, and sync your calendar with your trips.

Alaska Airlines typically records an 80.6% success rate for on-time arrivals. If your flight is changed or cancelled, then Alaska Airlines will move you to the next available flight. If your flight is altered by more than one hour, then you may select a different flight that works better for your schedule or cancel your trip in return for a refund or voucher.


What Should I Do if my Flight is Delayed?

Due to a variety of factors, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how long a flight will be delayed. There are times when bad weather may grow worse or a mechanical issue turns out to be more complex than originally thought. In these cases, a short delay may unexpectedly grow longer and longer.

However, it is important to still arrive at the airport at the original departure time, unless the airline tells you otherwise, in case the situation changes. The airline will still try to depart as close to the original time as possible.


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