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SeaTac Long Term Parking

Find inexpensive Seattle Airport long term parking options by comparing rates online and reserving a parking space before your day of departure. Take advantage of the best rates and great discounts when you book online. 

The cost of parking near SeaTac will vary by reservation length, but will typically cost $32 per day for the main SEA parking garage. Discounts are available for over 6 days of parking, which makes extended stays more attractive. In comparison, off-site parking facilities charge from $10.45 per day for uncovered parking and up to $11.55 per day for covered parking. Seattle Airport also has a premium parking program that is ideal for frequent travelers, scroll down to find more information.

Whether you are parking for a few days, a week, or a month, this guide is designed to help you choose the best parking facility for your trip. Continue reading to find all the details, maps, and other information to inform your decision.

Parking Facility Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Covered?
WallyPark SeaTac Boysen $9.90 $69.30 $306.90 -
WallyPark SeaTac Rooftop $10.45 $97.62 $465.90 -
WallyPark SeaTac Premier Garage $11.55 $110.82 $531.90
SEA General Parking Garage $32.00 $149.00 $660.00
SEA Terminal Direct Parking $37.00 $234.00 $1170.00


Long Term Parking Options

For stays longer than 24 hours, you can choose between the SEA Parking Garage, which is owned and maintained by the airport, and the Wallypark SeaTac Premier Garage, which is privately owned. Both parking facilities provide safe, convenient, and covered parking, however, the SEA Parking Garage is much more expensive compared to WallyPark. This is because WallyPark Premier Garage is located off-airport property and so it can offer the cheapest parking at Seattle Airport.

SEA Parking Garage is within walking distance of the airport and is open 24/7, including holidays. The General parking levels are on Floors 1-3, 5-8. A special weekly parking rate applies to these levels. After five days of parking, and until the seventh day of parking, the total rate amounts to $149.00. This special weekly discount gives travelers essentially two days of free parking. The weekly parking rate continues to apply for each additional week.

SEA Terminal Direct Parking offers premium covered parking on the fourth floor of the SEA parking garage. A sky bridge provides direct access to the main terminal, which makes this the shortest distance to the airport.

WallyPark Sea-Tac Boysen is an outdoor parking lot offering valet service. It is located directly across the street from the airport, so the shuttle ride to the airport is very quick. Simply drop off your car with the valet at the front of the parking lot and you will be on your way. Your car keys will stay locked in a safe at the parking lot.

WallyPark Sea-Tac Premier Garage is located just 3 minutes from Sea-Tac Airport with a free shuttle service, which saves you the trouble of walking after parking your car. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible. WallyPark SEA Premier Garage is secured by 24-hour parking attendants, CCTV, gated barrier, and an exterior fence so you can leave your car with complete peace of mind.

Rooftop Parking at WallyPark Sea-Tac is the most affordable option for long term parking at Seattle Airport. If you don't mind leaving your car uncovered while you are away, then this is the best option for you. The area is still protected by 24-hour parking attendants and video surveillance so you can relax knowing your car is in good hands.


Comparing On-site vs. Off-site Parking Options

Trying to decide what option is right for you? You should consider what factor matters the most to you: distance, comfort, or price.

Distance: The Sea-Tac Parking Garage is within a few minute's walk of the airport terminal. On the other hand, WallyPark SEA provides a quick shuttle service to drive you right up to the doors of the terminal.

Comfort: Parking at such a large airport can feel like a hassle. It's easy to get frustrated trying to find an open parking spot, forget where you've parked, or even have it sideswiped by another hurried traveler. Smaller off-site parking facilities tend to offer a calmer, more streamlined experience, far from the chaos of the airport. 

Price: On-site parking is always going to be more expensive due to its convenient location. Off-site parking offers more competitive rates and great discounts on parking.


SeaTac Airport Parking Map

View the map below to see where WallyPark SEA and the main parking garage are situated in relation to the airport. The main parking garage is located directly in front of the SeaTac terminals. WallyPark SEA is located just south of the airport, approximately 0.7 miles from the entrance. 

Seatac parking map


Seattle-Tacoma Passport Parking Program ($350 per month, recurring billing)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport offers a Passport Parking Program that grants unlimited access to convenient Terminal Direct parking, located on level 4 of the SeaTac parking garage. The Passport Parking program costs $350 per month and is billed on a recurring basis. Your credit card will be billed monthly on the first business day of the month.

If you frequently use SeaTac Airport overnight parking, this program could save you up to 50% on parking fees. You can use the pass as often or however long you would like. The pass is transferable, so you can share it with someone else.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Passport Parking Program, please visit the official Seattle-Tacoma International website. Information on the enrollment application and cancellation can be found there.


Book Long Term Parking at SeaTac Airport

Explore long term parking options near SeaTac Airport easily on our website. There is a variety of options for SeaTac parking including covered, outdoor, valet, and self-park. Find the perfect option for your next trip by entering your travel information into the search bar above. You can read customer reviews, check the security standards, and see real photos of every parking lot. Our secure online check-out will reserve your parking spot so that you can relax on the day of travel. 


*Prices are subject to change. The rates quoted were taken in June 2020.

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